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Caroline Guitar Company's warranty is five years for the original owner, and two years on the switch. This covers parts and labor, and does not cover physical abuse or misuse.


Launched in 2010 after Philippe Herndon unsuccessfully failed to sell his soul to any corporate devils still reeling from the financial collapse, Caroline Guitar Company has been fortunate to pursue making the things we want, thanks to customers like yourself. We originally meant to just make a handful of these things just to prove we could, and then people wanted more. So we get to keep going!

We know all too well that the boutique pedal marketplace is flooded with choices and options. We’re committed to the idea that what you’re purchasing are not only our products, but our judgement and integrity as well. Our owner is a former full-time touring and recording player who knows firsthand what sounded great in studios and stages, who is not content to rest on old ideas of what things should sound like, and welcomes the honest criticism and feedback from our team and customers.

As for our integrity, we take an old-school pride in our ability to deliver for our customers. We were reportedly the first guitar pedal company to crowdfund a pedal, and we’ve proudly delivered on advance “pre-order” specials that generated thousands of dollars for local charities. The same work that we deliver to noteworthy artist customers is the same work we deliver to our retailers, and if things stop working as they should, we hustle to repair things in a hurry. We want you back up and rocking as soon as possible.

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