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Aclam Guitar's Pedals are covered under guarantee for two years from the purchase date, under the conditions and supporting evidence regulated by current Spanish Legislation. The product guarantee will only be applicable by presenting the proof of purchase, which is the invoice or the receipt.


We’re a small company based in Barcelona trying to bring our pedals to all music-lovers Worldwide. Each of us working together make this company a real thing.

"Our main goal when we decided to broaden our product line to include effects pedals, was to capture emotions rather than offering things others had done before. We seek particular sounds, from specific eras and distinctive bands.

Our methodology to achieve this goal is quite straightforward, we invest some time researching and replicating the exact sound of a specific device, which had been used in the past by some band or recognized musician, and add the “Aclam touch” all over it.

Our vintage-inspired effects pedals are handmade using the finest components and tested one by one to achieve the highest levels of reliability and sound quality. We manufacture our circuit boards locally in Barcelona and we do the final test & assembly in our headquarters.

Thanks to the work of Aclam’s team of music and vintage-lovers, you can find a story behind each pedal and the sounds that have defined music history." -Aclam Guitars

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