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About Beautiful Noise Effects


Beautiful Noise offers repairs on all pedals sold.


Established early 2018, Beautiful Noise is a small effects pedal company and based in Newcastle, Australia. Our catalog of effects are made to push the boundaries of conventional guitar pedals to new experimental limits, while keeping a solid backbone to the fundamentals and versatilities of traditions, and a high attention to visual aesthetics.

Our approach to pedal design has been to create an experimental yet incredibly versatile user experience, with each pedal being open to a magnitude of sound shaping possibilities (no one trick ponies), with a graphic artwork designed to perfectly capture the aesthetic that sound and feeling portrays.

Performing live, in the studio, or for bedroom noise making, Beautiful Noise Effects pedals are built as a tool to inspire you to create sounds not yet ventured, explore new sonic possibilities, and make music that breaks away from the norm.

The Build

The circuit boards, although started as completely through-hole devices, due to larger demand and almost no limits to future design possibilities, around 2020 we combined our circuit designs with a mixture of SMT components, with a large amount of proprietary through-hole components still having to be painstakingly populated in house by hand, as well as assembling, testing and packaging each pedal one by one to ensure complete reliability from start to finish. The resulting pedal is the strongest, lowest in noise and most reliable product built to date.

The enclosures are powder coated and CNC drilled, the graphics are screen printed in house using industrial strength epoxy inks for a premium and durable finish that will hold up in the most intensive and high-energy of environments where your gear has to last.

In early 2022, we adapted the use of strictly using biodegradable packaging when shipping all orders.