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Somersault LoFi Modulator

Somersault LoFi Modulator

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Although Lofi is in vogue these days, to consider Caroline Guitar's Somersault low fidelity is an injustice. It's pitch may waver, there may not be a sine wave in sight but this is all perfectly accomplished. Nothing sounds "broken" here or is reminiscent of an effect brought back by nostalgia.  

      It is a perfect vibrato. It can place you on a sonic wave in triangle mode or create a unique tremolo, one that actually changes pitch within a square wave. 

      While the digital chip sets the delayed wet signal, the initial gain stage, dry signal, LFO, control set and output mixing stage are entirely analog. 

Caroline Guitar Company Somersault LoFi Modulator User Manual


  • Offset

    Controls the time difference between the modulated and dry signals


  • Speed

    Sets the rate of the oscillation sweep


  • Depth

    Sets the intensity of the wave on the modulation line


  • Mix

    The MIX control can go from completely dry (counterclockwise) to completely

    wet (clockwise)

  • Wave Toggle

    Selects either triangle or square waves


  • Tone Toggle

    Alows for full range sound or high-end cut on the wet signal


  • Havoc

    Removes the Speed control from the equation , maxing the rate on demand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not your dad's vibrato

Swirly, smooth, and dark. The makings of a great vibrato/chorus is here with the switchable tone and mix knob. Takes things back to the roots of lofi effects.

Lofi lush

Feature laden and articulate. Short of buying generation loss, you wont find a better lofi chorus pedal. Happy it can go kill dry. Also works well as a slapback. This compang knows how to make dreamy mods and they stack it with great tone control. Roll off the high end and dial in something special.

Robert Grout
Amazing pedal!

Sounds so good. Adds a bunch of lo-fi thickness and warble. Not your average 80s chorus.

Jensen Krejci
Best lofi pedal on the market ?

When you crank the wet signal knob all the way you get such a beautiful warble tone, it’s incredible. I always use it to set the base layer of a lofi loop. This pedal also has one of the most luscious sounding chorus tones I’ve heard. Just set everything to noon. Of course if you want to get funky you can max out the rate with the Havoc switch on the fly. Changing the wave shape gets you those really random glitchy noises ! Overall, this thing is a killer pedal and fairly priced for everything it can do. 10/10

Stephen Sousa
Great Chorus and Lofi Options!

This Caroline Guitar Co. Lofi modulator has the best chorus tone I’ve ever played. It’s wide and rich with a lot of character. I also utilize the Lofi functions of the pedal quite a bit, With a few turns of the knobs you can get that crackling vinyl sound and even great vibrato. This pedal hasn’t left my board since I bought it. Incredibly versatile.