Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator

Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator

Caroline Guitar Company
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Although Lo-fi is in vogue these days, to consider Caroline Guitar's Somersault low fidelity is an injustice. It's pitch may waver, there may not be a sine wave in sight but this is all perfectly accomplished. Nothing sounds "broken" here or is reminiscent of an effect brought back by nostalgia.  

      It is a perfect vibrato. It can place you on a sonic wave in triangle mode or create a unique tremolo, one that actually changes pitch within a square wave. 

      While the digital chip sets the delayed wet signal, the initial gain stage, dry signal, LFO, control set and output mixing stage are entirely analog. 


  • Offset

    Controls the time difference between the modulated and dry signals


  • Speed

    Sets the rate of the oscillation sweep


  • Depth

    Sets the intensity of the wave on the modulation line


  • Mix

    The MIX control can go from completely dry (counterclockwise) to completely

    wet (clockwise)

  • Wave Toggle

    Selects either triangle or square waves


  • Tone Toggle

    Alows for full range sound or high-end cut on the wet signal


  • Havoc

    Removes the Speed control from the equation , maxing the rate on demand.