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Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay

Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay

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Analog signal path. 1200ms delay time.

Are your cyborg bodies ready? You’ve asked us for this for a while – so we’re giving you what you want! MEGABYTE builds on our acclaimed Kilobyte legacy with two old school lo-fi digital chips for more delay time, tap tempo, trails or true bypass, and a nastier, dirtier runaway havoc. All with a straightforward (at least for us) and intuitive, immediately rewarding control setup.

Less time menu scrolling, more time rock and rolling.

 We’ve added the most requested features from our customers’ wish lists while making sure we kept the qualities that they loved. This includes a fun and functional tap-tempo with three subdivisions, double the delay time (up to 1200ms) for better noise handling and range, easily switchable trails or true bypass options, and a nastier *Havoc™ paired to the tap switch to go with the +21db drive preamp and modulation for the delay side. On the inside of the pedal are controls for a 100% dry-kill for production work and a maximum headroom option on the havoc/oscillation side.

Caroline Guitar Company Megabyte Lo-Fi Delay User Manual


  • Gain

    Gain sets the input drive of the delay preamp.


  • Clock

    The binary CLOCK sets the delay time.


  • Sum

    Sum is the number of repeats.


  • Mod

    Mod introduces a subtle variation in the delay time that can be dialed up to create a chorus or detuned effect to the repeats.


  • Mix

    The MIX controls the overal volume of the wet signal. The more gain you add, the lower this will need to be for unity gain with your clean signal.


  • Divide

    The DIVIDE control can also set the delay time. Turn the DIVIDE to either the left (Quarters) Center (Eighths) or right (Dotted Eighths).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Go to delay

The preamp is exceptional, one of the things I look for in a good delay. Does everything I want in a delay, from subtle chorusing to longer repeats. The division knob is well implemented.

Kilobytes bigger and better brother

All the things I love about the Kilobyte is here but better. Cuts well in the mix, takes gain well and makes unique sounds. But the modulation is next level with this level. Love it for its dreamy deepness.

Nathan Froese
Grit, Character, and Versatility

I'll cut to the chase; this is a great delay pedal. It's called a "lofi computer" but I wouldn't lump it in with other one-trick pedals labeled "lofi". It's got a lovely analog-esque voicing, 1.2 seconds of delay time, tap tempo, lovely lush modulation, a beautifully gritty preamp on the delay's can be wild and crazy, it can be tame and subtle, some settings even get you close to a Belton reverb sound. It's a great delay, and I would recommend checking it out!

Jacob West
Havoc At Your Feet

Why get just any old delay when you could get this pedal that does everything you’d ever want a delay to do and more? Make it dirty, get it warbly, or lose all control for a moment or two. The tap tempo is so convenient for getting right where you need to be in the mix on the fly! Probably the best delay pedal on the market, especially for the price. OK Computer, let’s get lo-fi.