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T-Rex offers a 2-year warranty on all our products. When the product has been sent to us at sender’s cost, we will repair or replace your product and send it back to you - free of charge and usually within 3 weeks. The product needs to be accompanied by a copy of your sales receipt, serial number, return address, phone number, e-mail address and a brief explanation of the problem. Please note that we cannot replace a product until we have received it here in Denmark.

Please note that the T-Rex repair department does not perform modifications or upgrades.

The product is more than 2 year old from purchase date

The product has been modified in any way

Anyone besides authorized T-Rex service centers has repaired or tried to repair the product

You do not have a receipt

You do not have the serial number of the product

You have given the pedal wrong power and the pedal has been burned.

You do not lose the warranty if you have opened the product to have a look at the inside.
We can see if a product has been opened, which is ok. But you are not allowed to modify
or repair the pedal if you want it to be covered by warranty.


Being among the pioneers of the modern effects pedal manufacturers, Denmark’s T-Rex Engineering was brought to the world in 1996. Guitarists and engineers, Lars Dahl and Sebastian Jensen, conceived ideas and technical solutions to upgrade existing guitar effects as well as develop new effects. Aside from effects pedals, Lars and Sebastian also develop high quality equipment such as power supplies, cables, and pedal boards for guitarists around the world.

After more than two decades, T-Rex has kept itself a small Danish company powered by the perfect mix of guitarists and engineers collaborating to create some of the best effects know to guitarists worldwide. From effect pedals and power supplies to pedal boards and bags, T-Rex caters to every guitarist’s needs.

When it comes to materials and components, T-Rex goes above and beyond to acquire the highest of quality in areas such as film foil capacitors, regulators, and iron-cores. It is no secret that T-Rex takes great pride in the quality of the products we create. Over the years, T-Rex has developed components like potentiometers and foot switches that are extremely durable and exclusive to T-Rex.

Our product portfolio includes many industry classics like the Replica, the Mudhoney, the Fuel Tank series, as well as our Tone Trunks.

The company supplies top artists such as Steve Lukather (Toto), Marc Tremonti (Alter Bridge), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Patrick Matera (Katy Perry) and Luke Potashnik (Katie Melua). We also have a huge passion for developing relationships with smaller local bands and artists.

We seek to improve musicians’ sound possibilities – in a never ending process.

T-Rex is a small company constantly challenging itself and the industry in the quality of guitar and bass sounds and effects. Aiming high, driving the engineering process and hitting that perfect sound and solution makes our hearts beat.

Sourcing only the best materials and components - avoiding compromise in any form is key.

We are open-minded and we seek inspiration amongst the users of our products. We cherish the free spirited feedback and use it to fuel our creativity.

Loud listening, experienced engineering and good sound trigger the nerve in our operations.

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