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Vena Cava Filter

Vena Cava Filter

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Intensive Care Audio's "Vena Cava Filter" is a distortion with an auto-filter and ring modulation used for the treatment of Bland Guitar Syndrome and Excessive Aural Dryness. Used regularly it can provide effective relief from these, and other music and instrumentation related conditions.

  • WAVE FUNCTION: An 8 position rotary switch allows you to select 1 of 8 available LFO waveforms. From left to right these are; 

    Random Slopes, Random Steps, Sweep, Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp Down, Ramp Up.

  • FREQ: Sets the frequency (speed) of the LFO. The speed (and waveform) of the LFO is indicated by the LED above the FREQ control.

  • RING: Sets the base frequency of a ring modulator which is swept by the LFO along with the filter. Turning fully clockwise disengages the ring modulator. At settings below 12 o’clock the carrier frequency becomes inaudible and provides an interesting stuttering effect. Set correctly it can also create octave down effects which 

    when swept by the LFO moves around with the wave shape set by WAVE FUNCTION.

    RING SWITCH: This switch removes the LFO controlling the ring modulator frequency so the ring modulator can be set at a specific frequency. The LFO will continue to sweep the filter.

    VOICE SWITCH: Selects between two voicing options for the filter. One is a narrower notch with emphasis on high frequency content.

    VOLUME: Sets the overall output volume of the effect.

    BLEND: Sets the mix between distortion (fully anti-clockwise) and filtered and ring modulated distortion (fully anti-clockwise). Use in conjunction with the PEAK control to set intensity of the overall filter effect.

    GAIN: Sets the gain of the distortion. It ranges from a very mild overdrive to a heavy, fat distortion. At lower gain settings the filtering effect becomes less pronounced.


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Customer Reviews

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For clang lovers

If you like to clang like I do, and also enjoy strange filters that some people might think sound like “space garbage” this pedal is for you. I guarantee you a grinding good time, with lots voices to choose to annoy everyone except yourself. Like DBA filter sounds? This guy is for you. My only caveat is that the plastic foot switch caps are not great, and when mine arrived, one of the switches had come loose and fallen into the body. It turned out to be an easy fix with just fingers and wrench, but the dealer I bought from did say I wasn’t the first person to have this problem. But like I said, easy fix, and it looks like maybe they’ve moved away from that switch style


This sold me as a distortion pedal alone. Sounds like a really good rat that can be thin or wolly. But then it has a lfo you won't find anywhere. It operates as a great envelope or autowah and you can adjust the resonant frequency. You can get really chainsaw style wah effects with the different wave forms. Finally, the ring mod almost gives a flange glitch like noise when controlled by the oscilators.

Weird and wild

I'm a big fan of this pedal. The distortion sound itself, without the influence of the ring mod/filter controls, sounds pretty great in its own right, but once you start blending in the ring mod, you get into all sorts of really hard to describe territory. It's distortion, but with anywhere from a slight touch to an absolute avalanche of clangy, metallic dissonance. Definitely not for everyone, but very much for me.