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Twin Oscillator Tremolo/Vibrato

Twin Oscillator Tremolo/Vibrato

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Length 200mm
Width 127mm
Height 79mm


9V DC Center Negative
28 mA

Lovetone's Wobulator

FTelettronica's "Twin Oscillator Tremolo/Vibrato" has super-psychedelic twin oscillators that will get you moving with an abundance of modulation possibilities! Be warned, however, the Wobulator is no ordinary trem pedal and has been know to subvert the sturdiest balance mechanism. Although, it is more than capable of classic mono trem effects it goes much further as you would expect. Being stereo it can be used for creating many kinds of spatial effects either in the studio or with two classic amps. It has a unique smooth sound which is ideal for fattening up digital sources and has been adopted by many producers as a favourite mixing 'n fixing tool. There are 4 basic modes: 1 TREM - both Left and Right move up and down at the same time, but with a "cross-over" effect where Left is low pass filtered and Right is high pass filtered. 2 PAN - Left and Right move in anti-phase without a cross-over, akin to a normal "figure-of-eight" auto-panner. 3 VIB - same as TREM but in anti-phase, creating subtle phase cancellation (and therefore pitch and volume change) effects. 4 DUAL TREM - this again uses the cross-over but brings into play the second LFO. Left is now driven by LFO 1 and right by LFO 2
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
joshua watson
pretty great

i owned a wobbulator years ago and cloned it. i'd say this has all the sounds i remember.

Endless AM/FM modulation

What do you get when you combine the earliest forms of modulation into a crisply designed enclosure and a variety of wave forms? This vintage engine machine. If you told me it ran on steam I might believe you. Theres no need for anything fancy when you have something that creates classic tones like this.

Another great Lovetone replica

So you could Sirens $1,500 on Reverb... or get this. It's got a lot of flexibility, but in my opinion it's at its best with the rate and depth knobs maxed and then use the wave shape and mode knobs to dial in. More usable live than other Lovetone (style) pedals it is still thrives in a studio setting... unless you're bringing a stereo rig. It's not quite as versital as the CBA Gravitas, but I've had both, and I ended up keeping this, and selling that.