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Twin Oscillator Phaser/Vibrato

Twin Oscillator Phaser/Vibrato

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Length 200mm
Height 79mm


9V DC Center Negative
50 mA

Lovetone's Doppelganger

FT Elletronica's "Twin Oscillator Phaser/Vibrato"  is a twin oscillator phaser/vibrato but it offers a whole range of classic (and non-classic!) uses never previously available in one unit. It has an unparalleled purity and transparency of tone and harmonic richness making it a real texture machine. The subtle yet ever-changing way the controls interact has a truly mesmerising effect. It covers the whole spectrum from mellow and virtually subliminal, to crunchy and chomping (reminiscent of the ubiquitous 70's phase sound), to swirling rotary-type fx. On more subtle settings (especially in vibrato mode) it gives movement and life to the sound without discernible processing and because it sounds so natural you can almost forget its there - until you switch it off! In less introvert moments it can warp sounds into multi-dimensional knots or whip up squeals and harmonics into a sci-fi frenzy. It never manages to sound sickly on any setting, and in fact makes an ideal replacement for all the sounds contained in the thesaurus of chorus as it provides plenty of width and attack definition but without the nauseating side effects. Vibrato mode has a very vibraphone-like modulation. It is also useful for creating spacial 3D stereo effects by panning the output opposite a straight feed off a mixer.
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Customer Reviews

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joshua watson
very close

i owned a doppelganger years ago and cloned it, i have also owned a few of the clones. i'd say this has all the sounds i liked about the original.


Makes a great wet dry wet rig. Love it for the stereo field, produces deep soundscapes.


This has a deep warble that I've yet to recreate with any other phaser. And yet at the same time lets your clean tone cut through unharmed (or unphased if you pardon the pun). Great for psychadelic and funky bass or guitar. Kick this thing on and, you're gonna see people drop it on the dance floor. The range of the knobs is excellent and the switches add an extra delight to mix it up.

It's not (just) a phase mom

So this isn't just a click on and play Breathe, or bad funk vamps style phaser. It does that, if you need it to, and more. A pretty faithful replica of a niche 90s pedal, but for about $800 less. Covers your classic sounds and gets synthy (not lush pads, but listen to the clip you'll get it) and lots in between. A pedal that really rewards tweaking and thrives in a studio setting.