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The Wash V2

The Wash V2

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The Wash adds reverb to the signal and through a complicated network of internal feedback loops, subtle multi-head Binson effect, and what Hungry Robot  have coined "ripple effect," It works to add a hauntingly beautiful wash to your signal in ways that can't be accomplished by stacking a reverb and a delay in series. It does all of this while keeping the clarity and presence of your original signal without getting lost in the soup of decay.

The Wash reacts to your playing unlike the common DSP reverb/delays with an infinite sustain function.  There is a dynamic quality to it that is hard to replicate with any other single pedal.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
How is this not on more boards?

The art design and easily twistable knobs alone make this pedal. But of course its the detune, analog reverb that truly makes this shine. It has an funny way of oscillating almost like a recursion. I've never heard or played anything like this. A must have for ambient players.

Ambient machine

This really is a one of a kind in terms of reverb and delay. It's magical. Its got lush modulation and you won't notice the digital processing, must have a good AD/DA. Just wish it were (true) stereo.

The Washhhhhh

Hearing this pedal for the first time, I had to have it. Great atmospheric/ambient pedal with reverb and delay built into 1 pedal. You have total control of how much reverb and delay you want that creates a beautiful wash under your playing. It can go from subtle, dark and mellow to crazy delayed reverb repeats. Its one of those pedals that adds such a beautiful flavor to your overall tone. I love mine. Grab one, you wont regret it!


This is one of those pedals you can play without needing much else, at least to get a really dreamy sound out of it. Good stuff.

Jeremy Hernandez
The Wash - An Ambient Dream

Hungry Robots has been a pedal company that I’ve followed for several years. The wash is truly an amazing reverb all around. It’s super lush and applicable in any scenario with creating music. Primarily for me I use it on Guitars and Synths. The music I make is somewhat electronic with drum machines, Moog synths and guitars. You can easily achieve a simple type of reverb but it easily goes into lush and dreamy landscapes. It’s very easy to dial up a great sound in minutes with The Wash. I don’t know about you but when a pedal sounds amazing, is super versatile and looks good I’m sold. I’ve had many reverbs over the years and this one has been on my board for several years.