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T120 Videotape Echo V2

T120 Videotape Echo V2

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125B Size Enclosure
Length: 4.7”
Width 2.5”


Power: 9V DC Center Negative
Current 80mA
Soft Switching Buffered Bypass

V2 options

Analog signal path. 1000ms delay time max.

Inspired by the garbled audio that accompanies worn-out and poorly aged budget bin video tape, the Demedash T120 Videotape Echo gives you exactly the type of sound that you're hearing in your head when you look at it. 

Feed your guitar through the T120, and the recorded playback will be the sound of low bandwidth tape being fed haphazardly through a magnetic read head by an uncalibrated, unbalanced feed mechanism.

No DSP Involved.

The Demdash T120 V2, introduced in June 2020, introduces soft switching and two new LFO parameters - 'Glide' & 'Randomize', accessible by holding the footswitch down while the effect is engaged and turning the 'Depth' & 'Speed' Knobs, respectively. 

'Glide' controls how smooth the lfo waveform is, taking you from square at the lowest setting, to triangle at the highest.

'Randomize' controls the proportion of periodic (square/triangle) to randomized shapes present in the modulating waveform. At its lowest setting, the LFO will be entirely periodic. At the top setting, it will be entirely random. In between, varying mixtures of the two are available.l

Time: Sets the duration of time before each recorded note is played back, as well as the duration of time before each subsequent repetition of the note.

At minimum about 60ms of delay is available. Setting it here allows you to use the primary and secondary LFO controls (Depth, Speed, Glide and Randomize) to create a number of different

Mix: Sets the balance between the delay signal (Wet) and the unaffected (dry) signal. When fully counterclockwise only the unaffected signal will be audible. As you turn this knob clockwise, the volume of the dry signal will decrease as the volume of the wet signal increases in volume. When fully clockwise only the delayed signal will be audible.

Intensity: Sets the volume of the wet signal as fed back into the delay input. This increases or decreases the amount and duration of repeats that echo out. Set high enough, self oscillation can occur. In this case simply turn intensity to zero for a moment to let the regeneration die down.

Depth: Varies the amount of pitch-shifting vibrato induced in the recorded signal. More clockwise = more pitch swing. Higher delay times and faster modulation speeds can also lead to wider pitch swing.

 Speed: Sets the rate of pitch-shifting vibrato in the recorded signal. Low settings give an uncalibrated, wavering sound, while the higher settings can give the impression that the tape is being eaten.

Glide: Sets how smooth the modulation is. At minimum, the pitch will shift in immediate jumps, giving a glitchy sound. At maximum, smooth, out of tune, wavering sounds are in full supply. 

Randomize: Sets the amount of randomness in the modulating waveform. At minimum, the pitch shifting vibrato is full periodic, sounding like a warped record or a misaligned tape head. As the control increases, more random shifts are introduced. In full clockwise position, the modulating waveform is purely random, sounding like a stretched tape. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Rem Dausch
    90s in a box

    Transport back to the days of big tube tvs and the whine of an old videotape. The best features are the random function and glide, those are just not in your usual tape delay. I am very interested in following that Demedash will produce in the future.

    Great Pedal with Unique Features

    Lots of modulated delays out there but the T120 V2 is a stand out. Much more organic than a lot of the other options out there. When compared with the strymon volante they are both unique enough to warrant both pedals. The demedash certainly wins on real estate and the modulation options feel more natural. The strymon I feel like I hear the same programmed modulations repeating vs the T120 V2. With that being said the strymon is great as well and has a few features the demedash does not. Horses for courses as they say. I will definitely be checking out the other demedash stuff. Cheers everyone.

    Swiss army knife

    The glide function is something I've never seen on another delay/chorus and something I never would have thought to implement. This really creates a nostalgic sound and I haven't found a bad spot for it in the chain. If it had sub divisions like the deluxe version this would be five stars.

    Great delay of you like it modulated

    The delay on its own is good, not great if you have the modulation off (max tape, min on speed and depth) - think your standard boss dd-3. The modulation is great, and is totally unique. Even on low settings the tape quality offers an instantly recognizable effect to your signal. On max is still usable and not over the top.

    Unique pedal

    This pedal as a very unique algorithm as far as the aged tape pedal sound goes. I'm very happy that it can go full wet. The alt functions are where this really shines, you can spend hours tailoring your own custom sound.