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Intensive Care Audio

Recovery Phase

Recovery Phase

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Depth: 94 mm / 3.6 in
Width: 121 mm / 4.7 in
Height: 46 mm to 25 mm / 1.8 in to 1 in


Current consumption:100mA
9v centre negative ‘boss style’ power supply.
Manufacturers life time warranty
‘Hidden’ mode accessed by holding bypass switch for 3 seconds: LFO 1 waveform control speed of LFO 2 for constantly shifting, intensely rhythmic bi-phase or phase/tremolo sounds
Switchable single phaser/bi-phaser/phaser+tremolo/bi-phaser+tremolo sounds
Tap tempo control of LFO rate
LFO frequency from 0.05Hz to 25Hz
2 sets of 8 LFO output waveforms including two random waves
12-bit LFO output resolution
Soft-touch relay based true bypass
Top mounted DC and Neutrik audio jacks
Foot switch toppers included as standard

Dual Modulation

Intensive Care Audio's "Recovery Phase" is a dual modulation unit capable of bi-phase and phase shift/tremolo effects. 

Lfo 1:
An 8 position rotary switch allows you to select 1 of 8 available LFO waveforms. From left to right these are; Random Slopes, Random Steps, Sweep, Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp Down, Ramp Up.   This LFO is the primary LFO used in the phase shifting.
Holding the BYPASS switch for 3 seconds gives access to a hidden mode where LFO 1 controls LFO 2.

Lfo 2:
An 8 position rotary switch allows you to select 1 of 8 available LFO waveforms which control either secondary phase shifting or a tremolo.

Freq: Sets the frequency (speed) of LFO 1. 

Depth: Sets the depth of LFO 1.

Depth 2: Sets the depth of LFO 2

Freq 2: Sets the frequency (speed) of LFO 2.

Trem/Phase Switch: LFO 2 controls either secondary phase circuit tremolo circuit.

Lfo 2/Off Switch: When in ‘PHASE’ mode this switch either turns on

or off LFO 2. When in ‘TREM’ mode this switch selects between LFO 2

controlling tremolo only or tremolo and secondary phase shifting.




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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Great Phaser for both "standard" and weird phasing!

    I have a lot of love for a good phaser and the Recovery is one of the best.... For me, the Swoosh has to cover the lows and highs evenly, with the highs never sounding glassy and sterile, speed and intensity have to be adjustable from very slow to wild and fast. This phaser can do all that and much more. Different phasing modes, a second phase stage and a tremolo that ranges from subtle to stutter.
    This is no classic stadium rock phasing, this is the real deal! Would I change anything about the pedal? Certainly not the sound...
    My only wish would be that the second footswitch could switch its function between the existing tap tempo and an on-off switch for the second phase stage and the tremolo.
    Conclusion: Recovery unlimited, a phaser for real phaser fans. Can get wild and psyched!

    Reviewer avatar
    Nick Hopkins
    Like Choking Owen Wilson with Two Owls

    I tried doing the maths (math, to you US folks) on this thing...but gave up around 328. That's 328 distinct variations of phase shifting, bi-phasing and tremolo-phasing. And that's the slightest tickle of the FREQ or DEPTH knobbies!

    The fantastic thing is that it's so unbelievably easy to use that even a toe-dipping phaser virgin will be flinging their phase out of whack like some filthy hussy of phase-dom in mere minutes. But it's also a well of depth so creatively deep that even the most jaded, phaser-hating pedal-ite will find enough unfettered new textures and signal-destroying pedal not-boringness to make them grin like the ubiquitous Siamese Dreamer (who'll obviously being having bi-phase orgasms all over this black box).

    All Ssounds a tad hypey? Sure, but I'm being honest here...this box is the YES to almost every phaser or tremolo question you're seeking an answer to. If any of this is ringing your bongos then you really need to try this out.

    Okay, so what's so great about it? Well, the first thing is in the phaser has an entire vocabulary of phasing, from the soft feathering of 2 stage style to the honk and pomp of the orange-flavoured 4 stage...but that's all sandwiched within the whisked molasses and cream of a 6 stage raunch. And beyond that, it goes DEEEEEP into a sickening lurch that almost sounds 12 stages thick in complexity. And that's just in standard sine-wave...wait until you click on some of those freaky-deaky waveforms. This is no one-trick rodeo donkey...

    Still, that's just not enough though either. The real depth here comes from slapping two of those la-dee-dah phaser sounds into a cage match with themselves, or shanking them good and proper with a throbbing tremolo until your signal doesn't know if it's coming or going.

    STILL NOT ENOUGH? Fine, then flick the LFO in and out and purr your speaker cones into pulp. And of course, there's the "hidden mode"...oh my, oh my, such joys.

    I've owned (and sold) over 10 different phasers of every ilk but the Recovery Phase was the first to knock my fave of some 20 years off my board. Yup. That great.

    I mean, hey...I loved it so much I BOUGHT THE DAMN T-SHIRT!!!