Mid-Fi Electronics Random Vibrato Guitar Pedal Green
Mid Fi Electronics Random Vibrato Guitar Pedal Green
Mid-Fi Electronics Random Vibrato Guitar Pedal Blue
Mid-Fi Electronics Random Vibrato Guitar Pedal Yellow

Random Vibrato

Mid-Fi Electronics
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Is anything random in life or do all things happen for a reason? Vibrato (for better or worse) has always been restricted to a speed knob. This inherent problem with this design is that it inevitably leads the musician and the listener wanting change. If you’re an “always on” effects person, I know that you want to spend more time enjoying your effect and less time turning knobs. Genius in its simplicity, Mid-Fi’s “Random Vibrato” will leave you in anticipation of every unique passage as it helps you bring new life to the same guitar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Galen Bundy

Wonderfully woozy little pedal, great for adding some Boards of Canada vibes to your sound!

Joshua Phillips

No knobs can seem like a daunting thing to let go of. This pedal is voices perfectly. Seriously great vibe and sits at the perfect level. It’s a mainstay on my boards.

Ryan Johnson
Top Notch

If you haven’t played any of the Mid-Fi line then WAKE UP BROTHER!

This is seriously one of my favorite pedals and has been living on my board for over a year. It’s voiced perfectly, sits right under your playing as to not take over your signal…Just a wonderfully simple pedal.

Can’t go wrong with any of their devices!

Elliot MacDonald
It does the thing

This does exactly what you expect it to do: something you don’t expect. It is very great and you should get one. Or more.


I originally purchased a Strymon Deco for the Random Vibe but it was just too subtle. This fit the bill for half the price.