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Recovery Effects and Devices



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Length: : 5.625"
Width: 4.625"
Height: 1.563"


Current draw -60mA

Real Spring Reverb + Analog-Style Delay

Recovery Effect's "Moonstruck" unites real spring reverb with a beautifully voiced analog-style delay in one simple-to-use device. The reverb and delay can be manipulated independently, allowing for complete control of each effect.
The delay section provides up to 550ms of classic echo sound with an all-analog dry path. The feedback knob can be adjusted to produce as few as one repeat or turned up for an analog-style self-oscillation frenzy. The delay level can be set wherever you like in relation to the reverb. The "reverb mix" knob controls the level of reverb with enough headroom to drench your instrument with vintage character.
Moonstruck is what every musician craves when searching for that quintessential, authentic spring reverb sound. The analog delay elevates this player-friendly pedal, making it an exceptional addition to any pedalboard.

Delay Time controls the length of the delay. Turn clockwise for increased delay time (up to 550ms) and counterclockwise for shorter delay time.

Delay Feedback  controls the amount of repeats of the delay. It can be set counterclockwise for as little as one repeat, or clockwise to regenerate seemingly forever. It can also regenerate into self-oscillating mania, deteriorating into a beautiful, distorted blur.

Delay Mix sets the mix between dry, unaffected signal and delay. Turn clockwise for more delay signal, counterclockwise for less. If set completely counterclockwise, no delay signal will pass

Reverb Mix sets the mix between dry, unaffected signal and reverb. Turn clockwise for more reverb signal, counterclockwise for less. If set completely counterclockwise, no reverb signal will pass.


 Although the Delay Mix and Reverb Mix have independent levels, The Delay Mix is routed through the Reverb Mix, allowing the delays to have reverb tails. 

The Moonstruck has been calibrated for even audio levels between on and off positions. These levels could be perceived differently between various amps and guitars. If you feel the wet level needs to be adjusted, there is a trim pot on the inside of the Moonstruck where the overall output level can be adjusted. 

The aforementioned trim pot can also be set to give your engaged signal a clean boost. This can be useful when switching for soloing, or just wanting to give your amp a little extra push.
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Customer Reviews

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David S.
Great combo delay/reverb

Classic Fender-y clean reverb sound. The delay controls are great, giving you options from single repeats to nice slapback all the way to VERY trippy stuff.

Pedal is built like a tank and should handle heavy use.

I like it so much I've actually been using Moonstruck as a stand alone rather than integrating it into my board. I find this pedal alone plus natural amp overdrive goes a LONG way and gets one some great tones.

Highly recommended!