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LSD1820 Propaganda Module (Sampler/Sequencer)

LSD1820 Propaganda Module (Sampler/Sequencer)

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A Lo-fi Sampler/Sequencer with built in microphone

  • Rec: hold down to record to selected channel

  • Volume: overall output level

  • Speed controls the rate of the sequencer/how quickly the samples are triggered

  • Sample rate controls the speed/pitch/quality of each channel’s sample while recording and while playing back.

    While a sample is being recorded, this control can be anywhere from fully counter clockwise to around 3 O’clock (above this won’t record). During playback this control can be anywhere.

  • Gate/Off/Full Sets the playback style of each channel’s sample playback.

  • Gate will trigger the sample each time the sequencer reaches that channel, and will will stop the sample when the sequencer moves on to the next channel.

  • Off will disable the sample

  • Full will trigger the sample each time the sequencer reaches that channel, and the sample will continue to play until completed.

    In this mode the sample will not retrigger until it has finished playing.

  • Mic: closer and louder sources will be more distorted, quieter and further sounds, more noisy/with more clicks and artifacts.

  • Remote: can accept a normally open momentary switch for hands free recording.

  • Output: this goes to your amp/mixer etc.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andre Stafford
Unique Sound Scraper

Nifty little "on- the- fly" sampler/ sequencer with a durable hand- made build. Been having fun with it so far. The microphone captures recordings very well and the sonic artifacts act as sort of a rhythmic backdrop. The pitch controls of each of the 4 sequencer knobs definitely make for a good time in creating unique drones of weirdness. I like to use it for recording sessions in the room then collaging and pitch- shifting them into something wildly different yet totally complimentary. Nice to have this one-of- a- kind sound toy in my collection!

Fun and weird little sampler!

Mid-Fi Electronics releases some of the strangest and most innovative guitar effects, and this one is pretty far out there. I’m still learning how to maximize its potential, but it’s essentially a sampler that has a bunch of ways to create glitchy, lo-fi loops. The only reason it’s not 5-stars for me is that the only way to record is through a built-in mic on the pedal; I would have appreciated a way to record direct with a line-in. Other than that, it’s a great tool to get the creative juices flowing and add some unpredictability to your songwriting!