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Zvex Effects

Lo-Fi Loop Junky (Hand-Painted)

Lo-Fi Loop Junky (Hand-Painted)

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A 20-second analog phrase-sampling looper with very low fidelity, frequency response that cuts off at 2.6 kHz, brick-wall compression, hiss, distortion, and a warped-record vibrato feature that makes your guitar sound like an ancient radio transmission, but your direct guitar sounds especially sparkly.

Zvex Effects Lo-Fi Loop Junky User Manual

  • Volume:  Gets really loud if you need it.

  • Tone: Cuts noise and distortion. Makes the final sound of the loop rolled off and organ-like if necessary.

  • Rec: Record volume. You can decide how loud to drive the recorder... to overdrive if you like.

  • Vibrato depth: Adjust for the level of pitch twisting that makes you happy. Vibrato speed. Adjust for the speed that spins the sound around in a way that fits the music
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Patrick Kiernan
Drone machine

Capable of producing really warn out sounds, this is a very distinct looper because you can change the parameters so easily. I lay down a simple loop and treat it like a drone machine. Then I solo over it. Good for live performances. Just needs an overdub function.

What will you take with you?

Will you bring the epoxied model of the A-10 Warthog, with a droplet of glue dried like amber around the cockpit: mom called you to dinner and you were hungry so you rushed to the dining room with your fingers still glue-y.

Will you take the leg of an action figure behind that fell behind the bed? It broke when you tied a plastic bag to its arms and threw it up as high as you could.

Will you punch a hole in the wall for old time sake, the same spot you plastered more than once?

Or unscrew the hallway door a little bit, the one at the foot of the stairs you wanted to creak as a warning when you were jerking off upstairs?

What you really want to bring is some sound. The way the day seemed to wrap back on itself when you froze the right note into the metal box on the hardwood floor, just that one metal box, and you unplugged it from your guitar and sat in the sun that moved, but the day stayed. You stayed. The house stayed and the sound of a little boy tiptoeing through the hall late at night.

Reviewer avatar
Nick Hopkins
The Sweetest Smelling Slow Drifting Snow in the Forest Clearing of Your Musical Mind

7. That's how many loopers I've owned. All great. Some are technically incredible.

6. That's how many loopers I sold when I finally got my hands on this thing.

13. That's how many years ago this revelatory bomb of a pedal dropped...and not one single creation in the myriad twinkling pedal creations that have come since...nor the advances in technology....have bettered what it does.

1000's. That's how many of these things are out there being used, and yet only a handful appear 2nd hand every year. Whether you're going to gig with it or just bedroom boogie it you will never part with yours once you have it. It does something to your soul.

0. Reasons not to try it. Think about a world of Chase Bliss Bloopers and infinite loop layers, 30 minute loops and perfect digital conversion, file transfers and sound-on-sound, this luddite, basic, flawed and limited 20 second loop pedal remains a coveted, loved and professionally used pedal. It should not. It's even ridiculously expensive for what it does!

5. Number of minutes you'll need with one and your rig to know the heart-string magic it does on you and you'll witness the sweet, sweet musical power it gives you in any situation...and you will see the light. Just like Jake and Elwood.

22. ZVex's point in the manual that just says "Smells Great". It really does. When you get yours open it up and have a sniff. Almost erotic.

Go on....become a Junky with the rest of us.