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Zvex Effects

Instant LoFi Junky

Instant LoFi Junky

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Click on the Vexter Instant LoFi Junky Chorus Vibrato and mix your sparkly clear compressed signal with the smashed, lo-fidelity warbled signal and listen to it become a luscious emulsification that can be blended to the most perfect depth. Achieve new haunting chorus sounds and pulsating vibrato. Unusual and fun, you’ve never heard anything quite like it.

 Zvex Effects Instant LoFi Junky User Manual

  • Tone

    Can be used to lower the brightness of the Lo-Fi signal (the vibrato sound). Does not affect the compressed signal.


  • Comp/LoFi

    Adjusts anywhere between full compression and full vibrato mix. Blending the two (somewhere between the extremes) creates a chorusing sound.


  • Speed

    Adjusts the speed of the Vibrato (only affects the Lo-Fi sound).


  • Waveform

    Sets the waveform of the Vibrato's modulation. The traditional Lo-Fi Loop Junky simulation setting is triangle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Less niche than I expected

I anticipates this being the kind of pedal I'd use sparingly for its more extreme sounds. Actually, although it can get pretty out-there, I've found the gradations of shading that are possible to be very useful: "emulsification" is a good word for it, you can produce some very pleasing tones that aren't all about sounding like an old ZX Spectrum game loading noise.

Pat K
Zvex rocks

I'm obsessed with zvex and this is the pedal that started me down the path. It goes from very subtle to unwieldy. Haven't found something that does the lofi nostalgia thing as well as this new classic.

It does that thing

You've undoubtedly heard the clips, and that's why you're here. So that crinkly chewed up tape lofi sounds is super cool, but in person felt less versatile than I hoped. I found myself tweaking the knobs until a found a sound that worked and not touching it because any tweaks left me twisting for another 20 minutes to get something else usable. Ultimately, opted for a Demedash t-60, which felt less like a novelty on my board.

Great modulation

This is probably the best chorus vibrato pedal out there. The amount of customization is amazing. This will get you the shoegaze chic that youve been looking for. My only issue with it is that it only ticks half the boxes for a lofi pedal. If it had reduced sampling or tape crinkle then this would be the be all end all lofi pedal.

Fun, Multifaceted Lo-fi Beast

This is a really fun pedal to mess around with for all things indie, r&b, funk, psychedelic, and more! I really love the how the compressor sounds, and each of the different waveforms is useable. I think this pedal has a general character it imparts on your sound, but it’s also flexible enough that you can find different applications for it. It works well as a compressor with subtle pitch modulation, a wacky square wave vibrato, and lots of chorus and vibrato tones in between.