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Envelope controlled overdrive, with a small tweed amp vibe.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James Lister
Great sounding overdrive

Unusually sensitive to playing dynamics, and sounds wonderful over a good range of gain settings.

Great overdrive getting fuzzy at higher gain/level

I love this overdrive that reacts to guitar volume. It turns into a kind of fuzz face at high level and adds more grits at medium level. At lower volume, it is quite transparent and does make the guitar sound more lively/full, with slightly more meds and beautiful trebles. Very musical. Highly recommended.

Marcus Khoury
Excellent Overdrive

I will admit that the appearance and artwork on this pedal factored heavily in my decision to purchase it. As a player who primarily plays indie pop and shoegaze, the pedal struck me as both visually appealing and simple in design. I was looking for a general overdrive pedal that would add more grit than my boost without going into fuzz territory. Upon trying the pedal I was beyond pleasantly surprised. Not only is it great to look at, but the overdrive tones were exactly what I was looking for. There is a warm grittiness that many players would appreciate, especially within the realm of indie rock. You can get more straightforward, classic overdrive sounds with higher gain, but I like using lower to middle gain settings to exploit the pedal’s sensitivity to dynamics and clarity while adding the desired amount of dirt. I play both a Rickenbacker and a P-90 solid body, and I love the sounds this pedal provides—would highly recommend!

David Bowen
Awesome discovery

I agree totally with the well written review posted by Nick Hopkins. This pedal blooms beautifully and has great harmonics. I love finding that hidden gem from a lesser known builder. Sound Shoppe NYC, I think likes those builders as well featuring the cool, creative tools that have that certain character that goes beyond the latest screamer or Klon clone. I saw this pedal among the top ten of 2023 reviewed by Tri Pedal Reviews on YT. The other offerings from this builder look intriguing as well.

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Nick Hopkins
Buttered Toffee Cream Lotion

Mid-Fi does reactive pedals like no other. Yeah, yeah, yeah...cleans up with your volume pot. Thanks, Andy, we get that. And drives harder when you play harder? Been there. Got the t-shirt.

But pinches and blooms like a red-hot 6L6 in a 5E3? Layers harmonics of all persuasions on your still audible core tone...but in varying and changing orientations, volumes and saturations? This is different.

If you want real dying tube drive and fuzzy edged distortion at ANY level...or a tone sweetening edge that sags even the stiffest of solid states then look no further. Pour some sugar on and toast to taste!