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Mid-Fi Electronics

For Parts or Repair

For Parts or Repair

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What "Makes" a LoFi pedal is it's ability to recreate a recording "gone wrong" in real time. 

Mid-Fi Electronic's "For Parts or Repair" the recording medium is tape. Dropouts refer to sudden momentary losses in sound. In real world conditions this can be caused by something as drastic as a tape splice or as subtle as dust.  

"Wow and Flutter" are deviations in pitch caused due to fluctuations in tape tension caused by faulty playback mechanisms.

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Customer Reviews

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Matt Alte
Best Glitch/Vibrato Pedal

This pedal is great. It has 2 separate effects: the left knob controls how much glitch you get and the right adds in a chorus/vibrato effect to it. Add them both together and you get a crazy glitchy vibrato/chorus Pedal that sounds like it is completely broken.

Isaiah Morfin
Amazing Lofi pedal

I searched for a long time for a pedal that included dropouts and this was this only one that did it in a simplistic way. Every thing else that can do this is a plugin. I have two other tape effect pedals and I can honestly say this one holds its own!

Ray Weiss
Like a great tape VST

I sort of think of this pedal as like a hardware version of some of my favorite tape plugins, though a little less functional. great fun to put after a reverb pedal for really nice tapey reverbs. The dropouts are a little drastic in my humble opinion so I docked a star, but its otherwise a great pedal, built like a truck and nothing else like it.

Alecia Geno
My favorite pedal

Is it ok to like a brand new pedal that sounds broke? Yup! It’s the right amount of sound destruction you have been looking for to get your lofi vibes in full effect (pun intended). The drop outs are a great feature that help seal the deal for me. This is a truly special pedal.

David Jacob
A Must-Have Pedal for Lo-Fi

Mid-Fi Electronics has created the most beautiful Lo-Fi pedal in For Parts or Repair. This magic box has all the real-time sun-drenched tape sounds and more. The full spectrum is available, from a barely noticeable degradation to a "the dog ate my cassette tape" sound... this pedal does it all beautifully. If you love that nostalgic wow and flutter, you can't go wrong with For Parts or Repair.