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For Parts or Repair

For Parts or Repair

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What "Makes" a LoFi pedal is it's ability to recreate a recording "gone wrong" in real time. 

Mid-Fi Electronic's "For Parts or Repair" the recording medium is tape. Dropouts refer to sudden momentary losses in sound. In real world conditions this can be caused by something as drastic as a tape splice or as subtle as dust.  

"Wow and Flutter" are deviations in pitch caused due to fluctuations in tape tension caused by faulty playback mechanisms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Keith Anderson
Almost perfect

This pedal was everything I wanted it to be, minus about 5%. It does it's job masterfully, but not completely over the top, which I kind of expected. Now that being said, I haven't had a lot of time to spend with it yet, and I am far from unhappy with it. I would very much recommend this pedal to the effects enthusiast who already has all the mainstream style of pedals that litter most pedalboards. It is fun, and definitely a nice way to create texture in your tone.

Peter Hoffman
For Parts or Repair Review

This pedal is even better than expected. How often do you say that? The dropouts make the perfect glitches. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a lofi messed up tape effect. I play a lot on open C. I like to turn this on and strum one chord and see where the pedal takes it. It can be pretty wild. Highly recommended.

The service from Sound Shoppe was incredible. I got this in one day. I also emailed these guys a question, they answered almost instantaneously.

Quest for the best lofi

I collect lofi pedals because I think that each has its own distinct sound that you won't find in others. This one falls somewhere between what can be produced with the zoom MS-50 and the lofi junky. Does the chorus vibrato very well, smooth waveform

Make any delay a tape delay

What i look for in a tape delay is wow and flutter that isnt just vibrato and thaf actually sounds like an aged tape being mangled. Now i can do that with whatever delay i want or just to my straight signal. I found it works best on analog delays with its own effects loop to add those tape like qualities to the repeats. This pedal let me part ways with my El Capistan.

Matt Alte
Best Glitch/Vibrato Pedal

This pedal is great. It has 2 separate effects: the left knob controls how much glitch you get and the right adds in a chorus/vibrato effect to it. Add them both together and you get a crazy glitchy vibrato/chorus Pedal that sounds like it is completely broken.