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CINNAMON DRIVE (Dual Stage Overdrive)

CINNAMON DRIVE (Dual Stage Overdrive)

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Aclam Guitar's "The Cinnamon Drive" pedal is a new kind of dual stage overdrive pedal featuring a combination of soft and hard clipping circuits.

It has been designed to cover a wide range of sounds, from a clean boost to a lightly crunched rhythm guitar sound to finally becoming the ultimate riff machine with plenty of gain and rock tone.

The goal in its creation process was to capture the essence of the 60’s and 70’s tube amps when pushed to max volume, which creates naturally open and super dynamic overdriven tones. Some of the greatest players from that era, such as Clapton, Page and Hendrix, relied on this technique to get their distinctive sound.

      Engages the unit and lets the signal flow through the Cinnamon Drive clipping circuit. It also light up the LED above it.

  • BOOST FOOTSWITCH: Activates the second gain stage (Hard Clipping) and will light up the LED above it

  • GAIN: Controls the amount of gain in the first clipping stage (Soft Clipping). In the counterclockwise position it acts as a clean preamp, and as it is increased it builds into a light crunch to finally producing a rich and dynamic overdrive.

  • VOL: Sets the volume of the soft clipping section. Tip: set the Gain knob at minimum and adjust the Volume knob to get a fat and nicely colored boost. This is really useful if you want to add some character to a flat-sounding amp or to push your tube amp into its sweet spot. Be careful! This pedal can be EXTREMELY LOUD

  • BOOST: Set the amount of signal boost before reaching the hard-clipping circuit. This way the guitar signal is affected by the two circuits (Soft and Hard Clipping) at the same time and you can control how much of each type of saturation you want.

    At minimum setting it adds a subtle effect to the first stage, but as you increase the knob it starts to add compression and distortion, a desirable effect when you need a defined and tight tone to cut through for riffs or solos

  • VOL BOOST: Sets the volume of the Boost section. Its purpose is to have separate levels for each gain section so for example, you can pre-set a rhythm tone on the first stage and a more aggressive sound with a volume increase for solo work or parts where your guitar needs a bit more of presence.

  • TONE: A simple but super effective passive treble cut control affecting both sections. Turn it clockwise to soften treble frequencies.

    Pedal Secrets

    BASS DIP SWITCHES: These switches can increase or reduce the amount of bass content passing through the Cinnamon Drive saturation engine. This feature is useful to adjust the pedal to amps with a lack or excess of low frequencies. They also change the overdrive's character and gain structure as follows:

  • Both switches down: You’ll notice a drop in the low frequencies. This is especially useful when playing with small-sized amps or guitars with a lot of low end. The tone will be more focused on the midrange.

  • Switch 1 in the up position: The Bass content is almost the same as the bypassed tone. The frequency response will be flat. This is the factory default setting

  • Both switches up : This option increases bass content, ideal for a single guitar player band. With both Gain and Boost engaged all the way up the pedal will turn into a high gain fuzz type distortion. We encourage you to experiment with it!

    TREBLE TRIM POT: Unlike the external Tone control, the Treble Trim Pot controls the final presence of the Cinnamon drive. Settings can vary from super dark dialed counterclockwise to sparkly bright and mid scooped tone in the clockwise setting. Factory setting is at 12 o’clock.

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