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Atomic Power Supply

Atomic Power Supply

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Length: 7.5"
Width 4.8"
Height 1.5"


Power requirements: 110 – 240VAC @ 60Watts.
Operates anywhere on planet Earth where 110-
250VAC power is available.
Supplied with IEC mains power cable and 4 ×
very heavy duty 5.5mm × 2.1mm pedal leads.
4 × isolated 12VDC @ 1250mA outputs (linear
regulated and heavily filtered–super quiet).
One of the outputs can be configured to power
9VDC center negative pedals (600mA max.).
Short circuit/overload protection protects tube
pedals from damage.
Weight: 1lb14oz (on Earth); 4lb 12oz (on Jupiter)

Effectrodes's "Atomic Isolated Power Supply" was developed to meet the high power requirements of Effectrode tube effects pedals. Includes a unique ‘soft-start’ voltage capability, which eliminates tube heater filament flash and thus extends the life of the tubes.

As well as supplying Voltage for Four Effectrode Pedals 12V Center Positive via individual leads, The first lead is adjustable and can be set at 12V Center Positive, 12V Center Negative, 9V Center Positive or 9V Center Negative with enough Amperage to daisy chain your favorite American pedals(600ma).

Delivers a massive 6 amps at 12 Volts D.C. output for powering up to 4 Large Effectrode vacuum tube effects (3 Tube Pedals) or eight smaller Effectrode effects ie. Fire Bottle or Glass A.

Supplied with country-appropriate IEC power cable and four DC power leads.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris Y.
Works great!

Works really well, I have 2 Effectrode pedals running off of it and I am using the volt capability as well. The supplied wall worts with Effectrode are very large and a typically spaced power strip you can’t use the outlet on either side of it. This helped me clean up the wall worts and get some space back.