112+ Preamp Distortion
Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Distortion Manual
Demedash Effects 112+ Preamp Distortion Manual
9V 850ma Power Supply

112+ Preamp Distortion

Demedash Effects
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New 112+ Preamp Distortion: updated graphics and an updated circuit that gives cleaner cleans and a whole hell of a lot meatier drive.

Handmade analog overdrive/distortion using premium carbon comp resistors, Wima film capacitors and Nichicon Electrolytic caps.

Improved power section with complete overvoltage protection gives higher headroom and ensures that plugging an 18v power supply in won't fry anything.

Tube-like saturation, a fully active 3-band EQ, 3 different gain modes, enormous 32 Volt headroom and a unique design have earned the 112+ its proper place among classic dirt pedals.

A low noise floor and the ability to clean up well certainly don’t hurt either.

Perfect for Synths and Guitars alike, the 112+ sounds great on its own but lives to compliment and enhance the sounds you've already perfected.

Stack it with other drives, fuzzes and distortions, or into the drive channel of your amp, and enhance your sound with even more warmth, push, grit and power.

A 3-band active EQ gives you boost- and cut-control over the Bass, Mid, and Treble ranges, letting you sculpt your drive sound to be exactly the way you like it.

A unique clipping scheme (based on one found in a line of early 90's solid state amplifiers for which the pedal is named) causes your signal to hit multiple clipping thresholds before having the sharp edges smoothed out.

The resulting rounded waveform is strikingly similar to the response characteristic of a valve amplifier driven into heavy overdrive when the gain is turned up


  • Drive

    Turning clockwise icreases the gain of the drive channel, bringing the sound from clear, to light breakup, to a tight saturated tone.


  • EQ

    The output of the blended drive and clean channels is fed into a 3-Band active equalizer which can cut or Boost by 5db.

    Top: High shelving filter. Cut off frequency ~1.5kHz

    Mid: Peaking/Notching filter. Peak frequency~850Hz

    Bottom: Low shelving filter. Cutoff frequency~250Hz


  • Voice

    Configures the amount of Bass allowed to pass from the preamp into the drives channel's cliiping stage, changing the saturation character of the drive. 

    Center: Light Bass, vitage sound, light gain. 

    Left:Moderate Bass, Modern Sound, Moderate Gain.

    Right: Full Bass, Fat sound, Heavy Gain.