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Wardenclyffe Deluxe

Wardenclyffe Deluxe

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LoFi Modulator

The addition of a LoFi category seemed to be a necessity, though difficult to qualify. A majority of my pedals have a LoFi component, albeit a chip, transistor or intangible likeness to old fashioned methods of recording. Ultimately, I only chose pedals that affect live sound and excluded delays. 

Unique to our arsenal of Lo-Fi effects is Hungry Robot Pedals' Wardenclyffe Deluxe. While LoFi effects seek to exemplify the limitations of mediums that transport sound, wireless transmissions are often forgotten. In a tribute to Nikoli Tesla, Hungry Robot has raised the bar when it comes to LoFi by allowing the clock of the internal processor to be slowed creating ambient sounds similar to long lost radio transmissions.

Along with clock speed the Wardenclyffe Deluxe brings together Chorus, Vibrato and High/Low Pass filters to create the Ultimate LoFi Pedal.

Other Improvements over the Wardenclyffe Mini include  increase Modulation Depth and ,tep temp control as well as an LED rate indicator.


  • Clock controls the operating frequency of the dsp. Lower frequencies turn the signal into an ultra muddled, borderline usable lo-fi mess.

  • Detune splits the signal into two and tastefully detunes one of them for a lush chorus effect.

  • Crush toggle adds a gnarly bit crusher to the signal.

  • Vinyl Noise simulator includes theSnake knob which adds a filtered white noise/hiss to the mix. The Campfire knob adds a crackle effect. The Pop knob  adds a random popping effect. 

  • Depth sets the intensity of the pitch modulation

  • Speed sets the rate of modulation

  • LFO/Glitch Choses between standard vibrato with sine wave modulation. Glitch is uneven and random.

  • Hp filter removes low frequencies and adds mild resonance.

  • Lp filter removes high frequencies.

  • Pad activates reverb.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
God of lofi

I collect lofi pedals and this one has the most options options and change of voices of any that I have ever seen. It takes synths really well and I love using it for a full band mixing tool.

Jacob Roberts
Insane lo-fi machine

This pedal gives you a dozen different lo-fi tones each one useable, such a fun pedal to tweak and explore. I’ve owned it for a few months and still figure out new sounds to explore from warbles to pads to classic lo-fi filter. Great build quality as usual from hungry robot. I recommend it and the rest of their products

King of the mods

You order this pedal for its lo-fi qualities. You keep it for it’s versatility. It goes from very subtle to extremely saturated. It’s the most inspiring non-delay pedal I’ve ever used. I love twiddling knobs til I’ve written something with it, but it’s also the go-to chorus for my board in any scenario. A true one of one.

Most unique lofi pedal ?

This thing does a little of everything. Having the flexibility to go from a lush chorus to a sea sick warped vibrato and then to what sounds like broken record player in just a few knob twists is just super fun. The bit crusher switch does give a bit of a volume cut it seams like but it’s definitely a cool feature to have. If you want something exploitative and weird this is the pedal for you.

Hubie Charman
Lo-Fi goodness

This pedal has more tonal options than most in the lo-fi world. The clock is a super power tool to get super laggy weirdness if you want it! It’s perfectly weird.