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Collision Devices



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Length: 12cm
Width: 9cm


Power: 9VDC Center Negative
Current Draw: 150mA
Input Impedence: 1MΩ
Output Impedance: 1kΩ


TARS’ fuzz part comes from the Black Hole Symmetry. The part named Singularity with the Disintegrate control. It has been improved to create fuzzy-noisy textures. Cut through the mix with the different filter possibilites or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise.

Placed after the input Jfet transistor stage. It controls the amount of signal you send into the clipping stage right after it. Can goes from a very low gain “broken fuzz” to the fat round sound we all loved with the Black Hole Symmetry. The input stage is followed by a gain stage and a clipping stage. Both silicon transistors

Low Pass Filter
This fader controls the cutoff frequency (-3db) of the MS-20 style low pass filter based on the LM13700 stage. As it is a low pass filter it allows  frequencies below the cutoff frequency to pass throught he output. Goes from 15Hz to 44kHz.
Resonance: increases the intensity of the signal around the cutoff frequency. Very interactive with the cutoff control.
Filter Volime: VCA- sets the output volume of thr filter. Pretty useful to adjust the filter to the setup.
2p/4p: Select the attenuation curve. Choose if you want the filter to cut at -12db/octave (2p) or at -24db/octave (4p)
Add Fuzz(on/off) :Select if you want to add an extra unfiltered fuzz signal. The result is louder and creates cool frequencies boost or cut depending on the cutoff position. This togge has no effect when the side toggle is in // position. To sum up: Toggle OFF is fuzz into the filter. Toggle ON is fuzz into filter sum with unfilteres fuzz.

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