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Bleak District Electric



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9V DC Center Negative

Magnetic Ambience Generator

The attic find you always dreamt of. Dusty, failing, broken. Beautiful.

 Embracing the captivating idiosyncrasies and gradual deterioration found in machines teetering on the edge of collapse, Tapescape leans futher than most, into the esoteric. Generate your own, unique, magnetic ambience.
Time adjusts the speed of the 'tape' which in turn alters the time of the delays. Furthest aniticlockwise gives you a minimum delay time of 30ms and furthest clockwise gives a maximum delay time of 1100ms for some long, crunchy atmospheres.

Feedback controls the amount of repeats. From just one repeat at fully anticlockwise to infinitely self oscillating at maximum!
With time and feedback at minimum and dry signal killed, Tapescape will function as a lofi tape emulator!

Mix is the volume of the delayed repeats. Plenty of volume available should you wish to drown out your dry signal. Or with the 'Dry' toggle switch you can now kill your dry signal completely. Giving you acess to complete dry tape simulation or washed out ambiences. And everything in between.

Wow: Simulating the lower frequency fluctuations in pitch due to worn out mechanical parts of the tape machine. The wow control adds a slow and random pitch modulation to the delayed signal. From none through subtle and into complete malfunction. As an added variation, the randomness of the modulation can easily be set to a more predictable sine wave on an internal dip switch. This also gives you access to some more traditional chorus tones too. (Wow rate is adjustable internally should you feel the need)

Flutter (Failure) This controls the depth of the 'flutter'. Anticlockwise is less, clockwise is more. It also acts as a failure control, adding to the degredation of the repeats in certain settings.

Rate: Here we can control the rate of the flutter. Traditionally, flutter is the higher frequency modulation of the delayed signal. Again often caused ny mechanical faults in the machinery. Tapescape offers that but also many more variations using this rate control alongside the 'Type' toggle switch. From fast and random failure artifacts to long gentle swoops or classic tremolo repeats, there's lots to explore.

Swell: offers on the fly feedback ramping, to really use the pedal as part of your instrument. The orange knob lets you dial in the speed and intensity of the ramping. It is also interactive with the feedback control so this allows you to get the exact response you are after, regardless of the other settings.

Type  The type of failure/modulation of the flutter.

Up: Sharp random modulation. Can sound like the tape heads are about to give up completely.                                     
Middle: Softer random modulation. A more gentle imperfection on the wet signal.
Down: Consistent sine wave modulation. For more tradition flutter or tremolo effects.

LPF: A low pass filter on the wet signal only. Simulates the loss in high frequencies of an old tape and can reduce the noise induced by the very slowest of tape speeds. Also a great tool for keeping repeats away from the front of the mix while still having larger feedback amounts.

         Up Darkest   
         Middle Standard                                 
         Down Darker



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Customer Reviews

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J. Rogers
The BEST Tape Echo

If you love everything about tape echo, but don’t want to spend ALL your money on an “always on” unit with actual tape then you have to get the Tapescape. The wobbles and warbles can range from buttery smooth to complete madness. Holding down the swell button adds a bit of chaos that every player should be adding to their arsenal. It’ll definitely turn heads.

I absolute love this pedal. It’s never leaving my board. Run, don’t walk to this pedal.