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Small Speaker Overdrive (SSO)

Small Speaker Overdrive (SSO)

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Length: 4.9"
Width: 2.6"
Height: 2.2


9V DC Center Negative
Current <10mA

It's an open secret that some of the greatest guitar tones of all time were recorded using surprisingly small amps. While "student-model" combos like the famous tweed Champ were never really designed for professional use, recording engineers long ago discovered that these small amps are dynamite in the studio. 


In front of a microphone, the low-end roll-off and focused mids you get from a smaller speaker become a distinct advantage. Combined with the dynamic break-up of a simple Class-A amp circuit, this characteristic frequency response makes for killer guitar tones that sit brilliantly in the mix, sounding anything but small.


The SSO is not an ‘amp-in-a-box’ emulation of one particular amp. Instead, this unique circuit captures some of the most desirable characteristics associated with small-speaker, vintage valve combos when miked up in the studio – punchy, upper mid focus, earthy breakup and super sensitive, expressive playing dynamics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Pat K

I'm happy with this as my new overdrive because it doesn't sound like any other and has it's own distinct voice. It replaced my EQD speaker ripper.

Tight medium gain drive

Super responsive to volume pot and finger dynamics. Pushes the mids like an old tweed. It has a nice sag color to it. It works best in an already dirty amp and takes boosts very well.

Dennis DelGaudio
Chewy Goodness!

Is it exactly like a tweed Fender Champ? No. Does it capture the vibe? Yes. To my ears, it’s more like halfway to a fuzz. It certainly responds to your guitar’s volume knob as such. Plenty of output. Bass and treble controls work perfectly. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Big sound in a small package

The small speaker overdrive pedal nails the small speaker tweed amps of the 50s giving that lush sound of its breakup. I have an original fender 1958 Harvard Tweed and comparing the sound It was pleasantly surprisingly similar between amp and pedal. So now if I want that sound I don’t have to bring my vintage amp with me to a gig. The pedal is well built and well worth the price.

Robert Caux

Great OD, unique, fantastic. I love it