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LoFi Radio and Wire Recorder Emulation

Inspired by espionage devices used during World War II and the Cold War, Shortwave transforms audio into clandestine operations of the past; Russian number stations, mysterious sounds transmitted by radio, and eerie sounds stored on early portable recorders.

Choose between 2 types of noise and interference, and control it with the Exposure parameter. Velocity and Focus control the amount of pitch stabilization. Shortwave will add an interesting emotional response and atmosphere to dry, simple sounds, or destroy a signal like no other fuzz pedal can.
  • Type A: In this mode, lowering the exposure knob lowers the sample rate turning elegant sign waves to a lumpy staircase. This will push your bounce your radio signal off the atmosphere so that you can cheat the curvature of the Earth to communicate with parts unknown.

  • Type B: Aliasing distortion adds frequencies to a signal that are in direct proportion to the original yet slow to react to change. You'll hear it while you're tuning in a radio signal. It's the "wee oo" when you're not quite there, but almost. Changing pitch with the exposure knob fully clockwise is like turning the dial on an am radio.
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Customer Reviews

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Mary Allard
Versatile wobble and flutter

Lots of interesting sounds possible out of this pedal. You can get the LoFi Radio thing going, the old Wire Recorder (or wildly fluttery Ampeg machine) thing going. But, lots more possible as well. Can't predict what you'll get if when you flip types from A to B. Fun with possibilities.