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T-Rex Effects

Replicator D'luxe

Replicator D'luxe

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Analog signal path. Short head delay times between 108ms-520ms. Long head delay times between 215ms-1500ms.

The Replicator D’Luxe is a sum up from all the knowledge, T-Rex has built up over the years, making Tape delays.

It is a 2 head machine. The drive mechanism has been updated with a noiseless belt drive. A tape lock/release mechanism is added, to make the pinch wheel and tape last longer and electronics has been tuned to perfection.

Delay Level controls the level of delay(s). At the maximum setting, the delays will have approximately the same level as the dry signal (depending on the level of the saturation knob.

Feedback controls the amount of repetitions of the delay. When set to minimum only the first delay will be heard. At high settings the Replicator D'luxe's repeats will self oscillate.

Short: This push switch engages the tape head closest to the record head. It gives a delay time from 108ms to 520ms.

Saturation controls the recording level of the record head. Depending how strong the incoming signal is, the record head can be driven into saturation when this control is turned up. Lower settings will give you the cleanest/loudest effect signal with the least amount of noise. Higher settings will make the repeats more compressed, overdriven and fuzzy, with added harmonic content.

Long: This switch engages the  head furthest away from the delay head. Gives a time of 213ms to 1 Sec.

Delay Time controls the speed of the motor and thereby the delay time. The Min/Max delay time available is short 108ms to 520ms- Long 215ms to 1 sec. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ken Myhr
Nice little piece

This thing has vibe for days. Maybe too much for some. It does warble a lot at max time settings. I personally like this but some may not. I don’t love the pop that occurs when the tape splice crosses the heads but as long as you keep the delay mix below 30% it’s not overly noticeable. Has a nice crunch option if you set the record levels hot. Overall an inspiring piece of kit.

Nice tape saturation

I run all my tracks through this to add some nice tape warmth and to add interesting oscillations. It's the real deal.

Pat K
What I always wanted

Never found a digital recreation of tape that worked to my standards until now. I modified mine so that I could mess with the tape in real time. Saved me thousands of bucks on repairs with an old tape machine.

One of a kind

In the world of digital emulations and analog nostalgia, this is one of a kind. They are the only ones who thought to take this approach. Pair it with a real spring reverb and youll be cooking up some feels.

Amazing pedal! Something you can only dream of!

This tape delay sounds awesome! I love the original and vintage tape delay machine yes, but there is always an issue. Trex made a new unit that works and sounds flawlessly. Also.. it fits on your pedal board! What?!? I use one of these baddies in studio all the time. Amazing layer machine and also inspiring in the song writing session!