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Lo-Fi Delay

Analog signal path. Aprox. 500ms delay time.

We’ve kept your original, dry signal path analog and pure, then given you a +21db boost/overdrive preamp to smash a low fidelity digital delay chip designed for karaoke machines and kids’ toys into smeared, repeated glory. Yeah, we’re going back in time – back to when they measured data in KILOBYTES!


This pedal is VERY capable of fun runaway oscillations, both by turning up the summation knob, or a controlled, high-pass filtered oscillation from the Havoc momentary foot switch. If you’ve ever struggled to make your delays come through prominently in the mix, or lost definition from your original signal, the attack and level controls can allow you to dial up everything from crisp, clean slapbacks to dirty, muted echoes and loud, powerful repeats. A beautiful, subtle modulation circuit courtesy of our friend Jack DeVille also sweetens the repeats with just the right amount of movement.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lofi magic

First this sits really well in a mix. The repeats have a nice warm lofi character that don't get in the way of your clean signal even when you throw some gain into the mix.

Second, this pedal works really well in an fx loop.

It can do normal sounds but also make sounds you won't find in a normal delay.

Jeremy Hernandez
My go to delay for guitars!

I purchased the Kilobyte several years ago while out in Chicago. I was playing with my band on Audio Tree. Myself and the other guitar player in my band went to Chicago Music Exchange and we were on a mission to find a new pedal. We both wanted a new delay. We tried the Kilobyte and we’re hooked immediately. The delay repeats were so percussive, full and lively to say the least. This delay pedal cuts through easily with other guitars. It does dotted eighth perfectly. The havoc foots switch is where it gets fun. You can go crazy with this, lots of cool feedback delay craziness. What I also love about the pedal is the graphics. There’s no words on it saying delay repeats, mix etc. This to me makes it more fun in terms of just experimenting. Obviously there is a little manual but it’s more fun to figure out what the knobs do. This delay has inspired me to write many riff and song ideas. Trust me this is an amazing delay and you will not regret purchasing it. Get it!!!

Chris Rupprecht
Does everything you want

Covers a ton of ground from always on slapback to glitchedout oscillation to make the sinned high school kids in the crowd rethink their existence. Does it do The Edge thing perfectly.... no, but who has wanted that sounds in 25 years besides your dad's friends.

Comes well packaged with handy card to help you get a ton of usually sounds out of the box.