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Mattoverse Effect's  Inflection Point is a powerful modulation effects pedal that can serve as a full-featured tremolo, vibrato, and clean boost and works great with guitar, bass, or synths and is capable of producing a huge variety amplitude and pitch modulation effects.  Featuring 8 waveforms, onboard tap tempo, ambience (space) control, true bypass, and a toggle to choose between Tremolo or Vibrato mode. These features combined with dry/wet blend and output level controls allow you to dial in all manner of subtle or extreme modulation effects.


Rate Knob: This controls the speed/rate of the Tremolo/Vibrato LFO, tuen clockwise to increase the speed. *This control will be overridden by the tap tempo footswitch and the rate will stay at the tap tempo setting until the rate knob is turned again.

Depth Knob: This controls the overall depth of the trmolo or vibrato and the setting is reflected in the brightness of the rate LED. When the control is set at 0 the LED will not illuminate. 

Space Knob: Turn this control clockwise to add some reverb to your sound. As you turn this knob clockwise it becomes more resonant.

Waveform Knob: Use this knob to select between 8 LFO waveforms; ramp up, ramp down, pulse,sine,triangle,sweep random pulse and random slope. 

Wet/Dry Knob: *In tremolo mode this knob is used to determine the amount of space/pre-delay as the trmolo is modulating the dry signal.

Output Knob: This can be used to increase the output by about 10db and provides a way to offset any volume loss in trmolo or vibrato mode as well as addition gain for pushing your amp.
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Customer Reviews

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Pushing forward

Warm, rich and darkly analog voiced. As a chorus I couldn't be happier with it. But oh boy is it so much more. Functioning as a reverb this pedal gets to depths beyond ones imagination.


Like the motion of its mathematical namesake, the Inflection Point has brought about a shift in my approach to modulation, and has become my desert island pedal. In keeping with its mathematical theme, the combination of vibrato/tremolo switch, space (lo-fi reverb) knob, mix AND output control, and eight selectable waveform patterns increase the variety of sounds exponentially. Like the Mattoverse Air Trash, I find myself using this pedal to probe the boundaries of effect categories (modulation in this case), instead of pursuing some idealized version of a chorus, vibrato, tremolo, or modulated reverb (all of which this pedal produces in its own way).
Also, the entire face glows pink when I turn it on, which is rad.