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Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

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Audio to MIDI device

Ghost Writer is a pedal that transforms the notes you play into MIDI data. This means you can connect to a synth and literally play your synthesizer from your guitar. You can also trigger phrases or samples, add functionality to your MIDI-equipped pedals, and more.

Independent controls allow you to toggle audio and MIDI signals or use both. The monophonic MIDI data is automatically assigned to MIDI Channel 1, and transmitted through a 3.5mm TRS MIDI cable* on the back of the pedal. The audio is processed through a high-quality buffer stage to ensure no loss of signal.
Ghost Writer provides a simple way to interact with your synths and MIDI-equipped gear as you play. It’s an essential tool for creative musicians who are on the search for innovation.


  • Sensitivity: controls the amount of reaction being sent to the midi device.

  • Glide Switch: allows small amounts of portamento, which can be useful for translating bends.

  • Audio Switch: Green indicator passes buffered audio through the 1/4" output on the left side. Red indicates audio is not passed.

  • Midi Switch: Green indicator passes MIDI data out of the 3.5mm jack next to the power supply on the back of the pedal. Red indicates MIDI is not being sent.
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Customer Reviews

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gets guitar into modular

Still figuring things out, but works nicely with an electric guitar with the MIDI out run into a semi-modular synth w/ a TRS MIDI-in jack (e.g., Make Noise 0-Coast or Cre8audio East Beast), then w/ CV & gate patched out from there into eurorack modules. Gets weird in good and/or bad ways if you play multiple notes, and sometimes requires some adjustment of the sensitivity knob. Happy to have it and looking forward to trying it out with acoustic instruments & a contact microphone. (probably a totally useless example of what one specific combo of effects & patches sounds like here: