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Envelope Follower/Triggered Filter

Envelope Follower/Triggered Filter

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Length 200mm
Width 128mm
Height 59mm


9V DC Center Negative
20 mA

Lovetone's Meatball

As well as its most obvious enveloping applications, FTelettronica's "Envelope Follower/Triggered Filter" offers a wide range of static filter options. With the addition of the correct expression pedal this enables it to be used as a normal wah, but with considerably more options (all five panel controls on the right "Filter" half of the pedal still remain active).
The external trigger facility enables the filter to be triggered by a completely separate audio source which can be another instrument, pulse or click or even touching a lead connected to the input! A great way to exploit this is to use one aux send on your mixer for the sound source and another one for the trigger so you can literally trigger anything with anything which as you can imagine can give rise to some pretty freaky effects.

Sensitivity determines the level at which triggering operates.

 Attack Filter attack response

DecayFilter decay time

Up/Down A two-position switch that determines whether the filter sweeps up or down.

Full/half/off A three-position switch that determines the level of the bandwidth. Half the bandwidth affects only higher frequencies, while the off position turns off the trigger section, allowing the Meatball to be used as a static-tone filter.

The effects loop allows external effects to be placed after the trigger section but before the filter section. 

Colour Filter resonance

Intensity Filter depth

Blend Ratio of dry to wet signal

Frequency range A four-position switch that determines the range of the frequency, from low to high.

Filter selection 

A three-position switch that determines the level of the bandwidth, between low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass filter.

"I disappear" starts with the sounds of Envelope Follower/Triggered Filter

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    Michael Sloan

    Using for bass primarily. So effin perfect for those sweet sweet Mike Gordon signature funk tones. This thing rips.