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Recovery Effects and Devices

ENDLESS SUMMER PEDAL (Real Spring Reverb Booster)

ENDLESS SUMMER PEDAL (Real Spring Reverb Booster)

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Recovery Effects and Devices' Endless Summer is a real spring reverb in pedal form. It features a boost allowing you to make things gritty, or go full-on over the top fuzzy and psychedelic. Simply put, it’s the coolest sounding and most unique reverb available!

Start with the balance all the way to the left to get a splashy reverb with slight “buffered” boost. 9 o’clock grits it up and boosts your amp. Things get crazy at 12 o’clock! Dial in the color and depth with the brightness control. 

The Endless Summer is hand-wired in Seattle, Washington. True bypass, lead-free solder, and yes, it has a real-spring-reverb tank inside! It operates on a standard Boss style 9vdc power supply (not included). Includes a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Balance controls the amount of reverb and boost

  • Brightness controls reverb shape
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

For all your surf needs, the length of the reverb is wonderful for a spring. It has the much beloved drippy boing that so many of us search for.

Pat K
Simple and elegant

After trying other real spring reverbs and being disappointed, I bought this on a whim. Glad I did because it's exactly what I needed for my surf rig. I don't have to think about a hundred different knobs. I just dial in the brightness and this works. I mean its not like you can control real springs in an amp, so this is all you need.

Maximillian Keene
Endless Summer, Endless Inspiration

I saw this pedal on a Youtube video and was intrigued but not overly impressed. I don't know exactly why then I purchased it? I guess I was wanting something different and less tame than the average pedal I own. Anyway, on a whim I bought it. After 2 minutes of playing I realized I stubbled onto a gem of a pedal. The tones are for the most part over the top. Very long verb. The sound is hugely inspiring but clearly not a meat and potatoes spring verb sound. I can definitely see that it's not for everyone. This is a vibe pedal that takes me down a new road. The spring makes it more organic sounding than many digital reverbs that are also big and heavy handed. I'm always looking for something that is effortless in its ability to sound convincing. This has that.
I also want to say that Sound Shoppe NCY shipped quickly with excellent packing (much better than average). I'm impressed and will be using them for more purchases in the future.

Endless Summer


I have been looking for a good analog tank style pedal for a while. I have the Anasound (too noisy) and a few with med tanks. I want a pedal so I took a shot at Endless Summer.

This pedal is a little on the crazy side so if you are looking for a standard tank sound then this may not be your pedal. If you take the Balance or Mix knob past 9 oclock then things get a bit crazy. The pedal is a little bit on the dark side so in all my usages the brightness was full on. My typical use for this was 8 oclock and brightness full on.

The other thing is the tank is not isolated from the chassis and the stomp switch is not a soft type so engaging the switch also sends the springs in the tank on a microphonic journey.

A little to crazy for me I guess. Still searching. Thanks Dave for all your help.


Nathan Froese
Simple, yet expressive reverb

If you're looking for a traditional drippy spring reverb, you can kind of get that here, but it would be a shame to leave it at that with the Recovery Effects Endless Summer. It's super simple, two controls, one footswitch, a range of reverb sounds. I like it when this one gets spooky and resonant and overdriven, once you get the balance control past the 11 o'clock mark. Back off the brightness to dial back the bite, crank the balance for almost-oscillating, dark hall/spring sounds. It's a true spring reverb with a tiny little tank inside, so give it a nudge (or a kick) and you get that splashy, crashy spring reverb. It's hard to imagine another pedal with two simple controls having such character. Built by a lovely couple who have a family of pets, you need to check out this and other unique Recovery Effects devices!