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DIRTY MURALS PEDAL (Delay and Reverb)

DIRTY MURALS PEDAL (Delay and Reverb)

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25ms to 450ms Delay Time.

Dirty Murals delivers complex delay and reverb with powerful controls for each, in a small 125B enclosure. Two distinct delay and reverb styles create a variety of rich, lush, ambient, textured sounds.

The first mode offers a modulated “oil can” style delay with shorter, vintage style repeats, paired with a small room reverb. The second mode delivers long, high fidelity, analog-style delay with a large hall reverb. The reverb level can be dialed to taste or completely removed in either mode, allowing it to function as a traditional delay pedal. The reverb can be boosted while keeping the mix low, generating the effect of a reverb with an adjustable pre-delay. 

The Dirty Murals will quickly become an essential part of your sound. It is your go-to delay and reverb solution in a small size that will free up space on your pedalboard by combining the perfect delay and reverb in one device.

Recovery Effects and Deveices Dirty Murals User Manual

  • Delay controls the delay time from 25ms (fully clockwise) to 450ms (fully counter clockwise)

  • Repeat controls the repeats of the delay signal. Fully counter clockwise gives you one repeat. Fully clockwise gives you infinite repeats.

  • Mix sets the level of delayed signal mixed with straight guitar tone. When fully counter clockwise there is only straight (un-affected) guitar signal heard. Fully clockwise gives the loudest delay.

  • Gain controls the overall output volume. Keep it at about 3 o'clock to match the gain of the pedal in bypass. Move counter-clockwise to increase gain and change tone.

  • Expression pedal jacks: Lower jack on the left side is the jack that controls delay time. Lower jack on the right side controls repeats. Center switch controls on/off.

  • Switches: Far left switch controls delay time. Use it to toggle back and forth between the echo unit and the expression pedal. Far right controls repeats. Use it to toggle back and forth between the echo unit and the expression pedal.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Does the trick

This can be your one stop shop of modulation. There are so few oil can delays on the market and this one does the trick of an organic mod delay. The reverb is subtle but bouncy giving a nice reflect.


I'm usually not impressed with pedals that are both delay and reverb but this pedal is something different with the way the delay cascades into the ominous reverb. Able to make creepy soundtracks with this mf. Strongly recommend for those who love deep dark holes, endless chasms and tombs.

Justin B.
Sell your other reverb pedals! I have!

My love of reverb had me on a quest that no pedal was able to satisfy - until now.

I've tried nearly everything out there. Some pedals are capable of sounding great, but they try to do too much and end up being overly complicated (I'm looking at you, Walrus). Others require endless menu-diving (Strymon), or they can do a million and a half digital things sorta well, but just come off sounding cheap and plastic (Eventide).

This Dirty Murals is a show-stopper - a quest-ender.

Overall, it's capable of both lush, warm, ambient tones - and bright, splashy, small room tones - and it's just a flip of one switch to toggle between those two worlds.

Both the reverb and the delay could be capable of standing alone in an individual pedal, so having them together in one unit is where the magic happens. This box honestly has you covered for everything from splashy slapback to cosmic sustained ambiance, and everything in between.

Want something subtle? Restrain yourself! Want something experimental? Push the limits and see if you can ride the oscillation!

This pedal is so amazing, this purchase was actually to buy a second one. I want to keep one on my board full of other tricks, and have a second to use in any other situation when a simpler rig is called for - because honestly there are times when all you need is a little delay and reverb, and the Dirty Murals from Recovery ABSOLUTELY NAILS those essentials better than anything else I've tried, and it delivers the goods while remaining incredibly simple to use.

Bravo, and thank you, Recovery Effects!