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CUTTING ROOM FLOOR V2 (Echo, Pitch, Modulate, Glitch)

CUTTING ROOM FLOOR V2 (Echo, Pitch, Modulate, Glitch)

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The most original and versatile release from Recovery Effects to date. Unlike any effect you’ve heard before, it offers mountains of wild modulation, delay, freeze and stutter. Anything from light lo-fi chorus to broken-tape-deck sounds can be achieved with this unique pedal. Melt, then freeze tones in place, or use it as a gritty echo or faux reverb. Hand-wired in Seattle, WA. Includes a limited-lifetime warranty.

New in V2:

*Intensity and Modulation parameters under one control called “Wow”. 

*New tape deterioration parameter introduced called “Stability”. 2 knobs control “Shape” and “Flutter” in conjunction with Wow. 

Recovery Effects Cutting Room Floor V2 User Manual

  • Time: Delay Time

  • Blend controls the amount of effect verses clean signal. Controls freeze level.

  • Volume controls the output level

  • Shape controls the shape of the Flutter from triangle to square wave.

  • Flutter controls the speed of tape flutter.

  • Wow: Level of melting modulation.

  • Stability turns flutter on and off.

  • S/R: Single or repeat delays.

  • Freeze: Momentarily loop playback head. This mode alters the behavior of the blend function, and sets 12:00 to zero. Rotating to the left models playback of Ampex 456 tape. Rotating to the right models playback of Ampex 499 tape.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Unpredictable fluttering butterflies

My favorite tape delay, the wow and flutter are organic and they don't predictably repeat unlike other algorithms I've worked with. It can sound a completely bleached and mangled tape that's been beaten half to death and the hiss is actually pleasant rather than a nuisance. For those looking for a genuine reproduction in digital form, this is a great option.

Sweet Lo-fi Machine

Great pedal for adding a bit of lofi flavor to guitar, bass, keys, etc. While you can get some pretty extreme glitchy effects, I like the more subtle warble you can get at lower WOW and Flutter settings. I used it mainly on guitar but recently ran my Yamaha Reface CP (electric piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer models) through it, and it really lends a lovely lo-fi warmth to the sounds. My only minor frustration is that the delay is difficult to dial in with only one dedicated knob on the pedal. I usually keep it set pretty low so it's not a big issue. Great pedal overall!

Great lofi modulation

This is a great lofi/glitchy/tapey pedal. It has a lot of range where it's easy to degrade the heck out of the sound. Really love the freeze footswitch to take it even further to the next level. YMMV but, my only (remotely) negative is I've found it's been difficult for me to really dial in, sometimes I find it doing too much and sometimes not enough, but still playing around with it, and definitely an awesome pedal to have in the chain.