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Delay Machine with Modulation that extends over an octave. 

Claripirate specializes in extremes other devices shy away from.

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Customer Reviews

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Clari Pirate vs Deluxe Pitch Pirate

Understood that the Clari Pirate is a combo of pitch Pirate and clari(not), but does anyone know that if it has all the capability of the deluxe pitch Pirate? Think it’s missing some knobs.

Wild and wacky

I'm a sucker for envelope control pedals when they work right and hate them when they don't. This thing is very zany and able to produce unorthodox noises with the pitch shifting and unpredictable feedback. Get it before it becomes a collectors item.

Pelzwik Apatosaurus
I'd give me good eye maté

Don't hesitate. I will take this one to the grave with me with a contact mic strapped to my rattling bones so the soft sweet sounds of my decaying corpse echo into the timeless void of the afterlife. I've owned a variety of mid-fi pedals over the years and can't say enough good things about them. Quality build, lots of fun, and Doug has always been a great guy to work with. You won't be disappointed.

Scott Helsley
You need this!

This pedal can do it all. Nice delay and modulation for your saturday night new wave/80s club gig. Then sunday morning you can take it to your church gig and then you can down some edibles and get as weird as you want at home all afternoon. This pedal can do it....from playing it straight to super weird.

Davey Lynch
Is it Lunch time yet?

Don’t spend another minute reading this garbled nonsense! Magic man Mid-Fi will set you up straight. It took two tries and five dimes to finally find the tic box for my big toe. Leaving all the other toes behind. To fend for themselves. With a shoe short of a show in the rain- I can’t complain.