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Collision Devices

Black Hole Symmetry

Black Hole Symmetry

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Length 186mm
Width 119mm
Height 56mm


9V DC Center Negative
250 mA

Modulated Delay / Pitch shifted Reverb / Destruction Fuzz pedal

Modulated Delay Settings

Mix: Proportionate of the wet signal in the mix. It can be as loud as the dry signal.

Time: Time between each repetition. (from 0 sec to 1 sec). The more the time increases the more the signal is lofi.

Feedback: Number of Repetitions.

Speed: The speed of the main oscillator which modulates the repetitions (.1Hz to 20Hz).

Modulation: Proportion of modulation in the Delay signal.

Trimmer: Speed of the triangle oscillator (0.68 to 27Hz).

Spacial Reverb Settings

Mix: Proportion of wet signal in the mix.

Pitch: Shift of the pitch of the note. Could shift to a 5th.

Radiancy: Proportion of Pitch Shifter in the echo signal. Adds brightness to the echo.

Echo: Echo time (Max 15sec).

 Destructive Fuzz Settings
Disintegrate: Volume of the Fuzz

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Customer Reviews

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Brett Mlinarich
Intensive Care Audio

Great pedals, loads of fun for studio and live. Patrick needs to label inputs/out and orientation of 9v jack and respond to emails