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The Wave combines Digital and Analogue technology to recreate three classic delay forms; the Binson Echorec, the Roland RE-201 and the Echoplex Ep-3. All delays can be used in combination with Belton Brick-Reverb. This is a stunning combination of effects in and of itself. However, what makes this Pedal unique is how modulation can be applied to either the first repeat, the second repeat or not at all.

Foxpedal The Wave User Manual

Binson Echorec

The Binson Echorec plays one long repeat followed by shorter repeats. 

Consider this two delay pedals series, the first Delay has no feedback option.

Feedback affects 1st Delay tap only, not the original signal.


Roland RE-201 Space Echo

Dual Repeats with subtle analogue distortion. 

Consider this setting two delay pedals in parallel.

In this setting both Delay 1 and Delay 2 control one “tap” or repeat. Both have the same minimum and maximum delay time,  When they are set to the same position only one repeat will be heard.

While off in the center position, the modulation switch can be set to either delay tap one or two.

Echoplex Ep-3

One playback signal adjustable by time and feedback. 

In this setting Delay 2 sets the delay time and the modulation switch functions as on or off. 

Modulation can add the slight fluctuations of a tape echo but can also give a nice vibe (vibrato) to your echoes.


Optical modulation provides tape warble that is unique in its ability to be set on either the first repeat, second repeat or off completely via the modulation toggle switch


Belton Brick-3 Reverb adds dark natural ambiance. The room size is adjustable by the Decay control.


The Was footswitch shorts the feedback knob bringing the signal into oscillation.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Abernathy
Wave your cares goodbye

The Wave by Foxpedal is based on the 1776 Effects Multiplex Echomachine using PT2933 chips. It is a great sweet sounding analog delay. The Wave oscillates beautifully into sonic dust with either a flick of the Feedback knob or by holding the Wash button down. Together with the delay and reverb on with the Wash momentary feedback button you can instantly create nice psychodramatic swells of delay chaos anytime you need it. You can adjust the modulation on all 3 delay settings to your liking or turn it all the way off. Each delay setting is warm and trails softly away into oblivion. The reverb is comforting and compliments the delay really well. This pedal is well suited for any music or noise you can make that craves warm repeats that linger.