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Mastro Valvola

LEM (Lysergic Emotions Module)

LEM (Lysergic Emotions Module)

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For More Indepth View of Modes See our LEM Review

Matro Vaolvola's "LEM" is a multi-head delay pedal with 8 effect modes, designed to inspire dreamy and experimental ambiances. While playing with this effect, it's easy to run into unique, hypnotic or unexpected sound environments like shimmering repeats, reverse delays, multi-head modulations, pitch shifting, lo-fi sounds and more.

  • Wet

    sets the level of the wet signal.


  • Dry

    sets the level of the dry signal.


  • Delay

    sets the delay time.


  • Special

    each mode has a special efect, the Special knob controls it.


  • Filter

    sets the frequency of the analog flter applied to the wet signal. The control is fat in its central position and allows you to emphasize the low frequencies going left, or the medium-high frequencies going right


  • Feedback

    sets the number of repeats


  • Shift

    some of the controls have more than one function. The main function is indicated in white text. Hold the SHIFT button to have access to the alternate function (orange text).


  • EPX/CV

    sets the parameter that can be managed with the Exp pedal or Control Voltage.



switches between 8 types of delay modes. Each mode has two parameters; Special and Filter. 

  1. Reverse: Reverse Delay Vibrato Level
  2. LFO Reverse: Delay Vibrato Level Octave up shift
  3. LFO Reverse: Reverse delay Filter (wah) 
  4. Multi: Multi head tape delay Tape speed fluctuations
  5. Low Shim: Shimmer Bit Crusher Octave Down Pitch
  6. Lo-Fi Amb: Delay/Reverb Bit-crusher Octave Up Pitch
  7. Multi: % of Repeats Played Forwards or Backwards Perfect Fifth Pitch
  8. Shim: Shimmer Delay Bit Crusher Perfect Fifth Pitch

  • Tap

    sets the delay time (Tap Tempo).


  • Bypass (Preset)

    bypasses or engagees the efect. Holding SHIFT while pressing it will access the next preset. 


  • Trails

    when the efect is engaged, hold the SHIFT button and bypass footswitch for 3 seconds to change the bypass mode to Trails Mode (this will make the repeats persist after the efect is turned of). When the Trails led is lit the Trails mode is engaged.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The do it all modulation pedal. Its so rare to find a pedal that covers all its bases. The granular and bitcrush is something else. I don't know what magician invented this but it really does everything. The delays are pristine, the octive and envelopes track well. This pedal can do anything, it will make your dreams come true.

premium sounding pedal

This was my favorite pedal for ambient sounds and weird outer space sounds. I used it primarily for recording. Somthing about the tonal quality coming from this pedal just felt so full and top notch. I’d recommend for someone who has time to sit down and really dig in to all of it’s features because it almost seamed endless. I regretfully sold mine but I think I may have to pick up one again.

Jeremy Baker
Mastro Valvola LEM = rad

I’m a bit new to using delays but after giving myself time, I have come around. I play jazzy blues stuff so having a delay that has the ability to get weird is a tad outside of my wheelhouse but after some knob turning and experimenting, I have found a way to place it in my tone arsenal or tarsenal.

I look to be building my recording rig very soon so I look forward to making some sound clips of my preferred settings.

Nathan Froese
Space birds, Nostalgia and Caffeinated Rhythms

I love weird delays. This is not a standard delay pedal. The closest you might get to an ordinary delay is with one of the multi-delay settings, but if you're seriously considering this you probably already have "standard" delay sounds covered. This is for the experimental, ambient, strange and beautiful. Some settings give you pitched-up chirping space birds, others fluttery, noisy nostalgia. Some will give you jittery rhythmic goodness. There is a whole lot jammed into a tiny space, with alternate functions for most knobs allowing you to adjust the dry/wet mix, the tone (especially helpful for taming the highs in some of the pitched up settings). Tap Temp and expression control round out the supremely flexible functionality. This thing is lysergic. Buy the ticket, take the ride.