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Broadcast -AP (Ariel Posen)

Broadcast -AP (Ariel Posen)

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Between 9VDC and 24VDC Center Negative
OEP Transformer selected to give less THD on low frequencies

Hudson Electronics have collaborated with Ariel Posen to produce the Broadcast-AP. It’s an evolution of the Broadcast, designed to integrate with Ariel’s unique sound. 

At the heart of the Broadcast-AP – as the name may suggest – is the same circuitry as the Broadcast. A class-A discrete, transformer-coupled circuit, designed to saturate in a unique way reminiscent of certain recording and broadcast consoles.  

Taking the low-gain side of the standard Broadcast as the starting point. Together, Ariel Hudson Electronics exchanged the Germanium transistor for a Silicon and used an OEP transformer – the OEP transformer saturates and distorts less below 100Hz compared to the Triad transformer used in the standard Broadcast. These two changes together give the Broadcast-AP a darker, smoother, more powerful tone compared to the standard version. Greater weight in the lows, whilst retaining the open highs and upper-mids, giving the Broadcast a ‘3D’ effect. 

The control layout features both LEVEL and GAIN TRIM potentiometers and a switchable high-pass / low-cut filter – 100Hz @ 6dB/oct. The GAIN TRIM control has 12dB more gain than the low-gain side of standard Broadcast, allowing the Broadcast-AP to cover ground from clean boost through to medium gain overdrive tones. In addition, the gain of the pedal can be increased via an internal trimmer and – when pushed to the max – the sound becomes overloaded, broken and fuzzy. The high-pass / low-cut filter can help keep the low end together, especially when driving amps at higher gain and volume levels. 

  • LEVEL – Controls the overall volume of the pedal.

  • LOW CUT (SWITCH) – Activates a low-cut filter which reduces the gain of the low frequencies. Position 1 (switch-down) the low-cut filter is out of the circuit, Position 2 (switch-up) the low-cut filter is engaged.

  • INTERNAL TRIMMERS – The Broadcast-AP features three internal trimmers – one to to increase the overall gain of the pedal and two to fine tune each of the positions of the LOW CUT switch. 

    Before attempting to adjust the trimmers, please fully unplug the pedal from the power supply, guitar, amplifier or other pedals. The trimmers can be accessed by carefully removing the four base screws with a PH2 type screwdriver. With the pedal open, the trimmers are located on the the circuit board. They are blue, 7mm x 7mm squares with a white crossed circle in the middle and their function printed on the circuit board next to them. They should only be adjusted with a flat/slotted 2.5mm screwdriver. The trimmers can be quite sensitive so only make small adjustments at a time, listening to the results between adjustments.


    The gain trimmer adjusts the overall gain of the pedal, turning it clockwise will increase the gain. By default this is set to minimum.

    A word of caution: setting the gain trimmer to maximum results in a very fuzzy sound and a massive volume boost.


    POS. 1 – This trimmer adjusts the amount of low frequencies that are cut when the switch is in its down position (position 1). By default, this trimmer is set to minimum and cuts no low frequencies. Increasing the trimmer will cut more low frequencies  when this switch position is engaged.

    POS. 2 – This trimmer adjusts the amount of low frequencies that are cut when the switch is in its up position (position 2). By default, this trimmer is set to minimum and cuts some low frequencies. Increasing the trimmer will cut more low frequencies when this switch position is engaged.

  • DC SOCKET – The Broadcast-AP requires a DC power supply unit (PSU) and can run at voltages between 9VDC and 24VDC; running the Broadcast-AP at voltages higher than 9VDC gives it more headroom, output level and clarity. This is great for use with higher output instruments (bass guitar, synth, studio line level equipment) or when using the Broadcast-AP as a clean pre-amp boost.

    Please ensure your PSU can supply between 9VDC and 24VDC, a minimum current of 20mA and has a 2.1mm negative centre barrel plug. Any other type may damage your pedal. If you plan on sharing the same PSU with other pedals, we recommend using a PSU with isolated outputs.

  • Selected Germanium and Silicon transistors
  • Specially chosen TRIAD Magnetics steel-core transformer
  • BI Technologies potentiometers
  • Lumberg jack sockets (rated for >5000 cycles)
  • Heavy duty Alpha foot switches (rated for >30,000 cycles)
  • Individually hand-built on to a high-quality PCB, assembled, hand-wired, tested and packaged all by Michael Hudson
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