Bell Epoch Deluxe EP3 Dual Tape Echo Emulation

Bell Epoch Deluxe EP3 Dual Tape Echo Emulation

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Analog signal path: Record Level/Echo Volume/Echo Sustain.

Digital signal path: Depth/Echo Delay

80ms-800ms delay time ( exactly like an EP-3).

Catalinbread's Belle Epoch Deluxe contains the Exact EP-3 circuitry, from the 22 volt power rail, to the JFET preamp (later spec), to the mixer stage, to the high gain silicon transistor based record and playback amplifiers, to the feedback loop. All circuitry is faithfully reproduced and fine-tuned from the original EP-3 specifications. The only thing missing are the record and playback heads, with a 24-bit high-fidelity digital delay line taking the place of the tape.

All-discrete, through-hole construction with orange drop 225P capacitors, carbon composition resistors, germanium diodes, and other premium parts.

Catalinbread Bell Epoch Deluxe User Manual


  • Depth (Digital)

    Controls the Modulation Depth. The Type of Modulation depends on the setting of the ECHO PROGRAM MATRIX. Set to minimum for no modulation with the exception of Echo Pragram 3.


  • Record Level (Analog)

    Controls the gain of the input signal hitting the record amplifier. This may range from no signal to heavily overdriving the transistor record amplifier. Record level only effects the level of the initial repeat. Once these signals are regenerating this control has no effect on them (Just like the EP-3).


  • Echo Volume (Analog)

    Controls Wet/Dry Mix using the original mixer circuit as the Ep-3 for the same subtle phase and tone shifts of the dry signal.


  • Echo Sustain (analog)

    Controls the amount of delay feedback and is tuned to function just like the Ep-3. Run-away echo starts at about noon. At high settings (above 2 O'clock) It will get loud.


  • Echo Delay (Digital)

    Controls the delat time from 80ms to 800ms (just like the Ep-3).


  • Echo Oscillation

    Latching footswitch allows instant runaway repeats with LED indicator. Internal trimpot allows this function to be user tunable. In effect, the trimpot is an alternate echo sustain setting. You can set it anywhere from one repeat to infinite oscillation.


  • Bypass

    The bypass footswitch can be set to either true bypass or trails mode via an internal slider switch. Trails mode cuts the dry signal at the input of the record amplifier allowing any remaining repeats to continue circulating.


  • Expression Pedal

    Control over delay time, delay playback volume, rotary speed, and filter sweep. When the delay time expression control is selected the panal knob (echo delay) controls the maximum delay time when the expression pedal is at full toe. Minimum delay time can be set from most expression pedals given control over both minimum and maximum delay times, from full heel to full toe.


  • Echo Pragram Matrix

    1. Classic Ep-3 tape voicing. Slighly bright repeats. 
    2. Dark "Analog" voicing inspired by classic BBD delays. Repeats sit underneath the dry signal.
    3. Roto swirl. As if repeats were run through a Leslie. Use an expression pedal to unlock the full capabilities of this feature.
    4. Manual Sweeping Resonant Filter. As if the repeats were going through a wah pedal. Use an expression pedal to unlock the full capabilities of this feature. 
    5. DMM Chorus. Replicates the Chorus setting of the Deluxe Memory Man.
    6. DMM Vibrato. Replicates the Vibrato setting of the Deluxe Memory Man.

Pedal Secrets

Left Internal switcher controls trails or "true bypass".
Right trimpot controls runaway feedback from one repeat to infinity.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Strong boost circuit, lends itself to complex delays with the tape hi roll off. Roto swirl brings it into the realm of other forms of chorus/phasing.

Best tape delay

I chose this because of the consistent tone and the internal boost circuit. As far as tape goes this one has the most character with the resonant filters and low end roll off.

A real echoplex

I bought this after watching all videos by That Pedal Show and I haven't regretted it. This is the best tape delay on the market period. Beats out the empress and El Capistan by a long shot. It just sounds like a real tape. And of course its got the unique boost circuit that its become known for. Just magical

Shane Hoy
Desert Island

This right here is the desert island pedal. The Belle Epoch delay circuit is so organic and I absolutely love it. The additional features on the deluxe only take it further. The knobs 'are' a little sensitive but it's not as bad as everybody complains about. You can find the perfect oscillation, the record level knob is the one though. You could get such a good saturation of delay tone where it just disintegrates away into the night at the perfect time. Along with the preamp inside you probably won't be taking this off your board. Absolutely beautiful delay tone and I know Howard spent a long long time designing this perfectly as he was basically obsessed with the echoplex.

Incredible echo unit

High quality echo unit. Exactly what you would want